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Friday Flakes: A Visit to the Grocery Store

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An experience...


This will be short, well maybe.

Yesterday, I made two stops at two separate grocery stores in Omaha. As I checked out at the second grocery store the cashier pointed out that one of my frozen pizzas’s plastic wrapping had a hole in it.

Cashier: “Sir, there’s a rip in the plastic over your pizza. We can trade it out, if you would like. Just go to the customer service and you can switch it out.”

Me: “No thanks.”

What was I actually thinking?

Me: “I don’t care right now. I just want to get out of here.”

I love going to the grocery store and I always have. I knew there would be panic buying and I was expecting that but what bothered me was how quiet it was. Nobody was talking and you could feel the anxiety or fear of everybody in the store.

I’ve been to stores where there was panic buying before a huge snow storm and in Nebraska there appears to be some joy in that adventure. You’re almost looking forward to being snowed in.

That was not today.

Over the past two days I have spent more time scrolling through twitter than any two days in my life. It might not be close. It is hard to look away. Small events getting cancelled. Bigger events getting cancelled. Huge events getting cancelled.

That all happened in 24 hours.

It took a toll on me as I became extremely distracted. Even on the road as I drove home. It wasn’t that I was staring at my phone. I just could not stop thinking about what was going on in the world.

I pulled the rosary out of my glove compartment and prayed the entire thing. I tried and tried to focus on the prayers but it kept going back to the same thing. The virus.

So what I have decided is that I’m taking a step away from my phone, computer and news regarding the virus. I believe I have informed myself enough about the situation at this point.

The virus will continue to spread and people will continue to get sick. Most will recover and some will not.

Whether I keep up with it on my phone will not change that fact.

However, my mental health might appreciate a little break.

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