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Bracketology Update: NO MORE BRACKET

NCAA announces they have cancelled March Madness

Texas Tech v Michigan State Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

No ten teams from the Big Ten in this year’s NCAA tournament. No chance at ending the title drought that dates back to 2000. No pretending to do work while you secretly stream basketball on your work computer when your boss isn’t looking during the opening rounds. No busted bracket by close of business Friday. No getting pissed at the fact that idiot co-worker who knows nothing about basketball and just picked his/her bracket based on prettiest uniforms is the person who won the office pool this year. No miracle buzzer beaters. No crushed hopes and dreams of cheating Kansas Jayhawks fans as they fail to make yet another Final Four. No Cinderella tournament run by America’s latest sweetheart.

If you can’t tell, I am sad. I am providing no commentary on whether it was the right move or not. I am not here to debate that. I am merely here to provide you with the thoroughly depressing and gut wrenching news to a college basketball junkie that the NCAA officially announced late this afternoon that the tournament is cancelled. So there will be no selection Sunday. There will be no debating for the next few days who had enough quad 1 wins. Finally, there will be no chance at a banner by anybody. Obviously we found out last night the remote chance of Nebraska extending its season ended anyways. Adding football players did not end up being the miracle cure to somehow extend the season for the Nebraska Cornhuskers men’s basketball team. Then again, the Creighton Bluejays season ended at half-time today instead. So there’s that I guess.

So to end this rambling, depressing update for you all, here is the official NCAA statement and a lot of questions about what happens next.