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Nebraska Coach Fred Hoiberg Released From Hospital After Flu Diagnosis

Jon Johnston

The Nebraska Cornhuskers Basketball Head Coach Fred Hoiberg had to leave the Big Ten Tournament game against Indiana late in the second half because of an illness.

He was shortly thereafter taken to a local hospital for precaution, and the Nebraska basketball team was reportedly quarantined in the locker room area after the game for a short while.

This lead to rampant speculation on twitter (redundant) that Nebraska and/or Hoiberg were practicing reckless behavior:

Nebraska Sports Information Director Shamus McKnight released the following information regarding Hoiberg’s release from the hospital:

Before tonight’s Nebraska-Indiana men’s basketball game in the Big Ten Conference Tournament, Nebraska Head Coach Fred Hoiberg was checked by medical personnel. Hoiberg became ill as the game progressed and left the bench area late in the second half for precautionary reasons. Hoiberg was subsequently transported to Sidney & Lois Eskenazi Hospital in Indianapolis for further evaluation. Hoiberg was diagnosed with influenza A (common cold). He has since been released and has returned to the team hotel.

So, what we have is this:

  • The Big Ten announced that the rest of the Big Ten Basketball Tournament games after Thursday will be played without fans in attendance.
  • All further Big Ten winter and spring sports competitions will be played without fans in attendance.
  • NCAA tournament games, “March Madness,” will be played without fans in attendance.
  • Coach Fred Hoiberg apparently didn’t feel well so he got checked out by medical personnel prior to tonight’s game.
  • Nebraska played the Indiana Hoosiers in the first round of the Big Ten Tournament.
  • While that was happening, the NBA announced they were suspending the rest of the season because of Covid-19.
  • The President announced that travel to/from Europe (not including the United Kingdom) will be suspended for the next 30 days.
  • Coach Fred Hoiberg had to leave the game early because of illness and was taken to a local hospital.
  • Nebraska lost to Indiana 89-64.
  • Twitter went rampant with criticism of Nebraska, some going so far as to blame the Huskers prematurely for the cancellation of March Madness, something that hasn’t even happened yet.
  • The Nebraska basketball team was reportedly quarantined for a short time.
  • Nebraska Coach Hoiberg was diagnosed with the flu and released.
  • Tweeters will now wait for their next bit of rampant speculation and accusations about things they know nothing about.

There’s been so much happening today that it seems like a blur. There have been constant recommendations about washing your hands, not touching your face, staying home if you are ill, etc.

Here’s one for you:

Stay the hell off social media.

It’s exhausting. It’s stressful. It’s not as informative as you think it might be, because there is so much noise. The day will bring what it will.

Stay safe everyone.

Thursday Morning Update:

Coach Hoiberg tweeted out this morning the following statement on his illness during last night’s game: