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Nebrasketball: Iowa Game 2 Recap

Well that was ugly.

NCAA Basketball: Nebraska at Iowa Reese Strickland-USA TODAY Sports

Nebraska Cornhuskers at Iowa Hawkeyes

Let’s be honest here, there’s not much worth mentioning in this game. Nebraska headed to Iowa CIty for round two with the Hawkeyes and got taken out to the wood shed and left for dead. Cold shooting by the Huskers and non-existent defense resulted in a 96-72 loss as Iowa avenged their road loss last month in Lincoln.

The Huskers shot a mere 20% from three and 42.4% overall. Meanwhile, Luke Garza and Joe Wieskamp both had big nights. Wieskamp scored a career high 30 points on the night leading Iowa, while Garza added 22. Their 52 points tonight blew out their season average of 38 points per game (the 6th best scoring duo in the NCAA). It was also a mere 20 points less than Nebraska managed on their entire roster.

The Huskers had 12 turnovers, 11 of which were steals by Iowa. The rebounding battle was somewhat competitive, 42-36 Iowa with the advantage. And perhaps most damning is the fact Iowa managed to score 96 points on a mere 48.6% shooting from the floor (not bad, but not exaclty 96 points great either).

Jervay Green came off the bench to lead the Huskers in scoring and rebounding with 18 points and 7 rebounds. Cam Mack, after going scoreless in his last game, was second with 13 points, while Dachon Burke Jr. had 12. Kevin Cross led the team in assists with 5, while finishing second in rebounding with 5.

Huskers play Tuesday night in College Park against the Maryland Terrapins, tipping off at 7:30 pm central time.