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Nebraska Wrestling: Minnesota Dual In Photos

It was fun watching our beloved Huskers kick Minnesota’s buttocks.

Caleb Licking celebrates his win over Minnesota’s Ryan Thomas.
Jon Johnston

CN had a recap of the dual, which Nebraska won handily, 29-12.

It was a fun night at Maturi Pavilion on the University of Minnesota campus.

The dual started out even, Nebraska winning the first match, Minnesota winning the second. Nebraska’s coaches protested that Mikey Labriola was put in a choke hold - you can see the photos and decide for yourself, I am not knowledgeable enough about wrestling to make that determination. The photographer next to me said, “These Nebraska coaches complain more than anyone else.”

Let’s get it straight. The Minnesota Gophers are evil because they’re not my team, so it was most certainly an illegal choke hold by Devin Skatzka. Certainly photo #11 will display his evil intent. Evil intent. EVIL.

Minnesota’s Gable Steveson is the #1 heavyweight in the nation. He is incredibly strong, relentless and very quick. Last year he looked like he was caring 50 pounds of baby fat. This year he does not. I thought Christian Lance did well against him considered the circumstance.

Chad Red Jr. has a dynamic personality. He’s fun to watch. An interesting contrast to Isaiah White, who appears very laid back, goes about his business kind of guy.

Christian Miller got destroyed, embarrassed even. He left the mat area without going to the bench after his match was over. I felt bad for the guy. He was clearly put into a tough situation.

Caleb Licking got his chance and made the best of it. I’m sure there are so many jokes we could make about his name, but he has probably heard them all. He dominated his opponent, and he damned well enjoyed doing it.

It was a fun night. Good to see Nebraska winning. Next up is the Big Ten tourney and then the NCAA tourney. Hope for the best! GO BIG RED!