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Friday Flakes: Sometimes Today Simply Isn’t Your Day

Not once but twice

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I’ll just leave this here.

Sports! And then some....

Greg's Guys: A New Big Board for 2021 Nebraska Recruiting | Hail Varsity
If you aren’t familiar with the Greg’s Guys list, it’s (Greg's) top 10 players in Nebraska’s recruiting class based on needs, how a player fits in the scheme and talent. The player also needs to be interested in the Huskers. The 2021 recruiting class is talented and deep. That is especially true in the always talked about 500-mile radius. This cycle could see half the class filled with players within driving distance of campus.

Hot Reads: How Well Has FPI Projected Nebraska? | Hail Varsity
How good of a job does preseason FPI do at projecting what the final ratings will look like? It's important to note that's not really FPI's job in the preseason. The job is to run the model and determine a pure power ranking––Team 1 is better than Team 2 is better than Team 3 and so on. That's all the 2020 rankings released so far are meant to do.

Padding the Stats: Transfer Freedom a Massive, But Needed, Change | Hail Varsity
The collegiate sports landscape could be in the process of undergoing a massive change, and I couldn’t be more excited about it.

On Tuesday, the NCAA announced that the Transfer Waiver Working Group is considering the concept of a one-time free transfer for all student-athletes that meet certain requirements. If adopted by the Division I council, it would allow student-athletes to transfer without having to sit out a year.

The 2019 Husker class review: Who was in that Super Six?
Treat yourself to some hope. Let's take a refresher course on the local media's top picks from that Husker class a year ago.

Time and network set for Nebraska Football Spring Game
The 2020 Nebraska Football Spring Game at Memorial Stadium will be Saturday, April 18 at 1 p.m. and televised by the Big Ten Network.

Target of the Day: Troy Stellato
Nebraska was one of the early offers for a fast-rising wide receiver, who has seen his ranking go from high three-star to mid-four-star over the last few months. Nebraska offered Troy Stellato in October and quickly made a Top 12.

'Kind of the same old story for us'
The night was not all bad for Fred Hoiberg, because a press conference that ends with your son sitting up there next to you is never going to be a total drag. Truth told, soon enough when the box score from this one is long forgotten, the evening will serve as a pleasant memory.


Notorious killer Charles Starkweather's ex-girlfriend denied pardon by Nebraska
Starkweather went on an infamous rampage in the 1950s with then girlfriend Caril Ann Fugate at his side, later immortalized in movies and hit songs.

Invasive turtles are wreaking havoc in New York City
Abandoned pets are wreaking havoc on city parks.

Dim U.S. Farm Forecast Extends Into 2020 - WSJ
This year is shaping up as another tough one for U.S. farmers.

Despite trade deals in North America and between the U.S. and China, crop prices remain subdued. The federal government isn’t expected to step in with fresh aid as it did last year.

The More That You Know...

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