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Nebrasketball: Fan Pulse Week 13 (technically 16)

Fan confidence increased just the tiniest amount after a strong road performance at Maryland

Nebraska v Maryland Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images

Once again SBNation didn’t make a graphic for the Nebraska Cornhuskers this week. However, fan confidence increased after declining precipitously the last two polls. After hitting 88%, the fan confidence plummeted to 67% and then 56% before increasing slightly to 57% this week. Since there isn’t a graphic for Nebraska again this week, I figured I would include the team graphics for our two upcoming opponents instead to see how their fans feel. I figured I would do that, but Illinois doesn’t have a graphic this week either. So it’s just Michigan State:

As for who SBNation’s Big Ten fans feel is the conference’s best team?

Just for fun and some shade to any Creighton Blue Jays fan out there, here’s the Big East vote:

National player of the year votes were broken out as: