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Nebraska Football Hires Auburn’s Special Teams Analyst to Same Role for Huskers

Hopefully this will provide a little kick for the special teams unit

Iowa v Nebraska Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images

It was long expected that Nebraska was going to hire Sean Snyder, former Kansas State special team’s coach, to be a Special Teams Analyst for the Huskers. However, it was reported several weeks ago that Sean Snyder instead accepted a job at USC to be the Special Team’s coach.

Bummer for Nebraska but it makes sense.

The difference between an Analyst and a Coach is that the Analyst cannot actually be coaching on the field or during competition but can watch workouts. They cannot go out and recruit either.

So the jobs are quite different.

Some were questioning whether the position was ever going to be filled. If they didn’t fill the position then who was going to take over the special teams duty?

Well all of the speculation is moot as Nebraska reportedly has hired Jonathan Rutledge as their Special Teams Analyst.

Before taking the job, Rutledge was the special team’s Analyst at Auburn for the past two seasons. I clicked on their page and I got the great “Error 404” screen, so they obviously have taken it well.

This has not been reported by the University as of this time, but will update when that information is available.