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Nebrasketball: Week 16 Serving Tray of Stats

My HS math teacher taught me that when it comes to a calculator, if you put garbage in, you get garbage out. That’s mostly Nebraska’s advanced stats this season, garbage.

Nebraska v Maryland
The God of Thunder is not happy with what advanced stats think of the team
Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images

Conference Standings

It’s hard to believe we’re in the final home stretch of the season already! And it seems quite clear that the Maryland Terrapins will be the conference champ at this point. The only question now is will they stumble enough for anyone to claim a share of it with them? Current standings are:

1. Maryland Terrapins (11-3)
2. Penn State Nittany Lions (10-4)
T-3rd. Rutgers Scarlet Knights (9-6)
T-3rd. Michigan State Spartans (9-6)
T-3rd. Iowa Hawkeyes (9-6)
T-6th. Illinois Fighting Illini (8-6)
T-6th. Wisconsin Badgers (8-6)
T-8th. Ohio State Buckeyes (7-7)
T-8th. Michigan Wolverines (7-7)
10. Purdue Boilermakers (7-8)
T-11th. Indiana Hoosiers (6-8)
T-11th. Minnesota Golden Gophers (6-8)
13. Nebraska Cornhuskers (2-12)
14. Northwestern Wildcats (1-13)

AP Rankings

7. Maryland (9)
9. Penn State (13)
20. Iowa (21)
25. Ohio State (NR)

Receiving Votes: Michigan State 87, Michigan 83, Illinois 12, Rutgers 6


The Huskers are in last place in every category except defense. A common theme all season that continues is the strength of the conference as a whole. All but Nebraska and Northwestern sit in the top 50 of KenPom entering play this week.


The Huskers continue to sit just a little ahead of Northwestern in the RPI rankings to avoid last place in the conference in RPI standings.


Nebraska and Northwestern continue to embarrass the league in BPI rankings. If you take a look at SOS, it certainly favors the Big Ten this season. Only one team sits outside the top 25 in this category.


Joe Lunardi currently projects 10 teams from the Big Ten to make the tournament. The conference is starting to eat itself out of the season high prediction of 12 (as we all expected would happen). Maryland leads the way as a 2 seed in the midwest, with Penn State the next highest as a 3 seed in the south.


With the updated NET rankings we can see Minnesota is still technically in bubble territory, but Indiana seems squarely out at this point.