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The Yoshi Football Show: Nebraska’s Outstanding Defensive Performance Against Purdue

The secondary shut down two future NFL Purdue receivers

Deontai Williams is right there for pass coverage against the Purdue Boilermakers.
Purdue Athletics

Nebraska got its second win of the 2020 season, beating the Purdue Boilermakers 37-27.

Yoshi Hardrick and I got together for another episode of The Yoshi Football Show and discuss the game.

I really enjoy talking to Yoshi as he brings a different perspective from what I see happening. I hope you like our shows.

Yoshi and I talk about:

  • The play of Nebraska’s defensive secondary - Cam Taylor Britt, Dicaprio Bootle
  • Playing zone vs man on defense and how Purdue quarterback Jack Plummer saw the defense
  • Cameron Jurgens snap issues completely went away
  • How Adrian Martinez has responded and played over the past couple weeks
  • Are leaders emerging?
  • Why you want a smack-talking, penalty-getting guy like Deontai Williams on your team
  • The play of Ben Stille, Jojo Domann
  • An amazing story of how Bo Pelini prepared his kickers for game time pressure