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Nebraska Women’s Basketball 64 Idaho State 51: Recap

The Huskers had to dig deep to hold off an experienced and talented Bengal squad

COLLEGE BASKETBALL: JAN 25 Women’s Nebraska at Wisconsin Photo by Lawrence Iles/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

First Quarter

Both teams came out cold but Ashley Scoggin got the first basket of the game. She was shut out against Oral Roberts, so it is good see her get started early. The Bourne sisters are going head to head as they were guarding each other often. Ashley Scoggin hit her first three pointer as a Husker halfway through the quarter to put Nebraska up 7-4 early.

I think it is safe to say, this game will be a defensive slog instead of the offensive fireworks we say last game. The Bengals looked like they tied things up at 7 at the under five timeout but the three pointer was adjusted down. 7-6 Huskers.

With 2 12 minutes left in the quarter, the Bengals took their first lead at 10-9. Every Husker that is available has been out on the floor thus far. Annika Stewart continued her flawless shooting as she hit a three pointer (she is now 6-6 in her Husker career). That basketball was answered by a Bengal thee.

Idaho State 13 Nebraska 12

Second Quarter

Trinity Brady scored early in the quarter and the fouls began to mount for Nebraska. Both teams are having a hard time scoring, but Idaho State started to find a rhythm most than Nebraska and led 22-17 at the under five timeout. Of biggest note this quarter is Annika Stewart finally missed her first shot as a Husker but sparked a 5-0 run to help the Huskers tie up the game at 22.

The Huskers and Bengals traded possessions with little to show for it but Nebraska clawed out a small lead at 24-23. Idaho State managed a buzzer beater to take a lead into the locker room 25-24.

The expected advantage for Nebraska in the paint has not come to pass as Kate Cain and Issie Bourne are a combined 0-8 in shooting. Foul trouble for Sam Haiby has also hurt Nebraska as they miss her ability to drive to the rim.

Third Quarter

The teams traded three pointers to start the second half. They thought that sequence was so fun, they did it again. The Bengals maintained a 31-30 lead through the early going. Ashley Scoggin is showing why she has a reputation as a sharpshooter.

Kate Cain finally got into the scoring column to tie the game at 32 and drew the third foul on a Bengal defender. The other player for Idaho State that has been guarding Kate also has there fouls.

That jump started a four point run for Nebraska (Cain and Bourne), but Idaho State answered with a basket (36-34 Nebraska). The Huskers needed their posts to come alive and they are now. The score remained 36-34 for the under-five timeout.

The Bengals now have two players with four fouls. They do have an experienced bench, so I don’t know how much that will help Nebraska (we will see). The teams traded baskets for a time with Annika Stewart and Ashley Scoggin carrying the the Huskers in the scoring column right now. Bella Cravens gives the Huskers a three point lead at 41-38.

Kate Cain registered her first block but then picked up her third foul. Issie Bourne, Sam Haiby and Kate Cain were involved in two possessions where some nifty passing led to scoring to give Nebraska their biggest lead of the game at 46-40.

Fourth Quarter

Early in the quarter, Issie got the better of her sister when she had a nice spin move to make a basket over Callie. Both teams are playing competitive, scrappy basketball (a nice way of saying neither team is playing particularly well, but they are trying hard).

The Huskers maintained a six point lead through the first few minutes of the final quarter. Sam Haiby is a very good all-round player for Nebraska, but her defense has been especially on-point tonight.

Issie Bourne extended the lead by one with a free throw (49-42 Huskers) with less than seven minutes left in the game. Two Bengal post players have fouled out. Let’s hope Cain, Bourne, Stewart and Cravens can take advantage. Issie extends the Husker lead to nine with her fifth straight point for Nebraska.

Cain extended the lead to 11 and was fouled. Callie Bourne scored (the first for Idaho State in several minutes). Kate committed her fourth foul and was replaced by Annika Stewart who finds the basket immediately. Only two games into her Huskers career, I think we can safely say she will be an offensive spark plug.

The Huskers continued to move the lead in the desirable direction at the Huskers are up 57-44 with 3:49 left. Callie Bourne picked her sister’s pocket but the Bengals couldn’t capitalize on the turnover by Issie.

The game has stagnated at 59-49 for a two-ish minutes as the clock went under two minutes left. The score remained there until a Haiby free throw put Nebraska up 60-49. The free throw shooting has been pretty miserable (I think they are around 50%).

Ashley Scoggin added two more free throws with 47 seconds left. Trinity Brady hurt an ankle, and was in a lot of pain. After some more free throws, the Huskers increased their lead for the final score of 64-51.

Nebraska 64 Idaho State 51

I didn’t expect a high-scoring game, but this was even lower scoring than expected. Nebraska was pushed hard by an experienced and talented team, but found a way to dig and score points when needed.

Next Game

The next game will play Illinois this Thursday at 7 pm in Lincoln. It will be televised on BTN.

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