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Cornhuskers React: Bowl Predictions Galore This week

Husker confidence is up a little in football but slightly down in hoops this week.

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Minnesota v Nebraska Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images

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National Voting Results

Voters case their ballots in this week’s national polls on major bowl matchup predictions. A narrow majority tabbed the Florida Gators for the win over Oklahoma in the Cotton Bowl.

Peach Bowl Results

Meanwhile, voters feel more confident in picking the Georgia Bulldogs over Cincinnati in the Peach Bowl.

Orange Bowl Results

As for the orange Bowl, Texas A&M gets the pick overwhelmingly by voters over Mac Brown’s North Carolina Tar Heels.

Fiesta Bowl Results

As for out west, it’s Iowa State getting a super-majority of votes over the Oregon Ducks.

The Not “Rose Bowl” Rose Bowl Game Results

Yeah, this vote should have been more lopsided than it was. 11 percent of voters somehow think the Fighting Irish stand a chance.

Sugar Bowl Results

As for the Clemson-Ohio State game, it’s also an incredibly lop-sided result, though not quite as much so. Personally, I think Ohio State’s somewhat porous defense it showed at times this year makes a Buckeye win unlikely, but I do not feel quite this confident in predicting a Clemson win.

Cornhusker Fans’ Results

Fans confidence in football is up again week-over-week despite no bowl practices or significant signee news to change anything. We did not receive vote totals, however, so I cannot for sure say what the bump was beyond speculating it looks to be around 76 or 77 percent, marking a two to three point bump this week.

Fans confidence in hoops is down this week, but again cannot for sure say by how much. Nebraska basketball dropped games to Wisconsin and Michigan last week to start conference play 0-2 prior to votes in this week’s poll.

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