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Day Before New Year’s Eve Bowl Game Thread

There were supposed to be more games today, but Missouri is run by idiots.

Boston College Football Photo by John Tlumacki/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

A couple of interesting games today. Maybe.

There should have been three. We could have watched a current evil black and gold opponent play an old black and gold opponent, but Missouri head coach Eli Drinkwitz let his players go home for Christmas and had to cancel their bowl game appearance due to a rise in Covid-19 cases which they now blame on their game with Mississippi State because that’s much better than blaming your own stupid ass decision.

To be clear - his stupid ass decision was NOT allowing his players to go home for Christmas. His stupid ass decision was accepting a bowl bid, then allowing his players to go home for Christmas because he effectively took that bowl bid away from other teams who might have wanted to play in it.

You either take a bowl bid OR you go home for Christmas. You could still blame the state of Mississippi for your problems because everyone does. It’s an easy out.

It’s nice to know that Mizzou hasn’t changed and is still run by complete dipshits.

If that seems harsh, then consider that Iowa had their players stay in Iowa City for the holidays. This could be perhaps chalked up to a lack of communication between teams, or you could just accept that 1) the phrase “Missoura Moron” was frequently used in my youth. It still applies... and 2) the SEC truly doesn’t give a flying fuck about anyone or anything.

For further proof on that.....

There’s this from an excellent article by Michael Rosenberg about how fucked up college sports are:

When Florida State’s medical staff advised its team to cancel a game with Clemson (allegedly because of a positive test by a Clemson player), Tigers coach Dabo Swinney complained, “COVID was just an excuse.” And after Texas A&M beat Florida with 24,000 fans in 102,000-seat Kyle Field, Gators coach Dan Mullen made it clear that he’d had enough of social distancing. Florida governor Ron DeSantis had just loosened restrictions for crowds at sporting events, and Mullen saw an opening. “Hopefully the university administration decides to let us pack the Swamp for LSU next week … because that crowd was a major factor in the game,” he said. “So I certainly hope our university administration follows the governor.”

Mullen later opened his weekly SEC teleconference with the ultimate fake-apology cliché: “I certainly apologize if I offended people.” A few days after that, he tested positive for COVID-19. (The game was postponed following a Gators outbreak.) Two weeks after that, he responded to a brawl between his team and Missouri’s by trying to fire up the crowd. And two months after that, he was cited for recruiting violations. The NCAA said Mullen “did not promote an atmosphere of compliance” and hit him with a one-year show-cause order, limiting his ability to recruit.

You should read that article because it’s very well done AND it’s probably one of the few you’ll see from SI, a site/magazine that’s seen its better days. Like me.

Florida vs Oklahoma - it will be interesting to see if the Sooners can hang with Florida. I hope so. I hope the SEC gets beat as much as possible.

Today’s Games

Wednesday Bowl Games!

Game Time Channel
Game Time Channel
Mayo Bowl : Wake Forest vs. Wisconsin 11:00 AM ESPN / ESPN Video
Music City Bowl: Iowa vs. Missouri N/A Cancelled
Cotton Bowl : Florida vs. Oklahoma 6:15 PM ESPN