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Nebraska Football: Scott Frost’s Dec. 3rd Press Conference

Nebraska v Northwestern Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Below are some paraphrased notes from today’s press conference from Scott Frost. Not sure what we learned but here they are nonetheless!

When asked about the lack of depth at running back that they have dealt with since he arrived.

There have been challenges for sure. Doesn’t help that Mills has been nicked up. They have had to fast track the young guys. The more familiar they are with the offense the easier it is to make adjustments throughout the game. He’s pleased with the talent they have in the running back room. Just has to keep bringing them along.

Is Dedrick Mills on track to play against Purdue?

They have their fingers crossed.

On the study that showed that Nebraska scored on 90% of their drives when there wasn’t a flag, bad snap or turnovers...did he share that with the team?

They share stuff like that in-house all the time. Can’t beat themselves when they are playing a good team every week. Hard to sustain drives when you make mistakes. The guys know the importance of it.

Expound on the wide receiver’s room and why he feels good about that room?

Starts with the guys who have been there for a while. Kade Warner is the leader and knows all the stuff they need to run. Levi Falck is new but has done a good job. The talent in the room is really young. For example, Zavier Watts wasn’t around all summer. Was hoping for really good things from Omar Manning but he hasn’t been healthy. Will Nixon is really talent but he got hurt in the off season. Alante Brown has a tone of talent. Chris Hickman is doing good things. Oliver Martin is another one. He didn’t get a ton of reps until they learned he was eligible.

How does he feel about the team this week? Especially after a rivalry game and keeping kids motivated?

Really good. The kids didn’t take the Iowa loss very well. Hopefully that puts a chip on their shoulder. Their approach this week against Purdue was everything he wanted it to be.

It’s been a long time since bringing the kids back from COVID. How do you keep the kids focused from the constant grind of the preparation, testing and everything else that goes into it?

It’s been a crazy year in a lot of ways. He doesn’t want anybody to feel sorry for us as there are bigger issues going on right now than football. If you took a poll of a lot of people that a lot of guys want to be done. He still thinks his team still wants to play games. They don’t have them up there all day. The issues is that they can’t go do the things they usually would do to get away. The same goes with everybody else in what we are dealing with this year.

How would you describe your relationship with Bob Diaco and what does he try to do?

Scott has mutual respect and he is an established defensive coach. He’s a good coach. Coached against each other when he was the coach at Utah. It was a good tough game. They typically don’t give up big plays. He knows what he’s doing.

Has he heard anything about the possible shuffling of the schedule toward the end of the season?

He knows the Athletic Directors are talking about it. He thinks the coaches have their heads down and are working. THey feel lucky and grateful that they get to play. They will take any chance to play. Safety has to come first. Seems like more games are getting cancelled. Will see how this plays out but are grateful they get to play games.