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Cornhuskers React: Bowl Season, Heisman Picks, and Increasing Confidence

Husker confidence is up across the board this week.

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Nebraska v Rutgers Photo by Benjamin Solomon/Getty Images

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I’m basically obligated to include this (yawns heavily) vote result. Let’s get it over with and move on to actually interesting results, shall we?

Yeah, Army got snubbed, but unlike Indiana, the injustice was rectified. Gary Barta continues to prove just how truly incompetent and utterly brain-dead he is. I would love to be a fly on the wall listening to Fred Glass take him out to the woodshed during the first Big Ten AD conference call following bowl announcements.

Yeah, they’re not going undefeated. At some point they will either get into foul trouble among their starters and lose or come out flat and drop a game. They’re pretty damn good, though.

Wow, a win over East Division fifth-place Rutgers sure gives a big boost. Last week’s 56 percent fan confidence jumped to 72 percent this week as the Noah Vedral-less Scarlet Knights fell by one touchdown last Friday in the season finale. Not taking triple-overtime to get the win, and avoiding an 11-point season opener probably should count for something, though. Maybe not a 16-point jump, though.

Unlike football, I wouldn’t exactly label the two point bump in this week’s result as an “overreaction,” necessarily. However, we are only talking about a win over Doane based on changes week-to-week, though. So with that in mind a two point bump is probably about right in the end.

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