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Jon’s PostLife Crisis: Travis Miller - What About Purdue Football?

Can Nebraska beat the Boilers?

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Purdue v Minnesota Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

HeyooooooOooooo! We have Purdue this week! Are you excited!????

It might very well be our last game of the season, so you damned well better be. Take every day as you get it, and be thankful we have football at all all given how bad the virus been hitting the fan all around the world right now.

Travis Miller joins me to talk about Purdue. I’m not sure how long Travis has been running our SBNation Purdue site, Hammer And Rails, but he’s been around for a long time. Good guy. Always nice to talk to him.

Travis and I discuss:

  • That terrible past interference call that cost the Boilers the Minnesota game
  • Purdue’s excellent receiving dual threat of David Bell and Rondale Moore
  • Quarterback Jack Plummer
  • Lorenzo Neal, George Karlaftis and the defense
  • Is this year real or just a glorified scrimmage against live opponents?
  • We get into Purdue basketball toward the end - did you know they have a 7’4” guy? HOW DOES HE FIT INTO A CAR?

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