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Five Reasons Nebraska Will Win: Rutgers

Champions Week will be a win for the Huskers

NCAA Football: Minnesota at Nebraska Dylan Widger-USA TODAY Sports

It’s Champions week and the Huskers are going to leave New Jersey with a win.

Here are your reasons why.


Wan’Dale Robinson has shown time and time again that he is a play maker. Last week he broke off in his longest run of the year, but he has yet to have a touchdown this year.

This week Wan’Dale will be ready to get in that end zone and show us more of the Wan’Dale we love to see.


Last year, Noah Vedral was a back up quarterback for the Huskers. This year he is the starting quarterback for the Scarlet Knights. Vedral has completed 61.5% of his passes on the year and has accumulated 1,257 yards passing.

Last week Vedral left the game with an ankle injury and there is no confirmation as to whether he will play or not. If he does play, he may not be 100%.


While Nebraska is a heavily penalized team, Rutgers is worse.

The Huskers are ranked 10th in the Big Ten averaging 6.4 penalties per game. Rutgers is ranked 13th in the Big Ten averaging 7.8 penalties per game.

Nebraska will keep the penalties to a minimum and walk away with a win.


Nebraska’s defense has been keeping the Huskers in games this year. This unit is prepared to take the game on their backs.

Last week we saw many broken up and tipped passes by the defensive lineman, linebackers, and the secondary. If a couple of those had become interceptions, there would have been a different outcome to that game. This week we will see the takeaways that we haven’t seen much of this year.


While we have. not scored as much in the red zone as I would’ve like this year, I like our chances with the Rutgers defense.

The Rutgers red zone defense is ranked 13th in the Big Ten, while Nebraska is ranked 4th in red zone offense.

The Huskers are going to capitalize on the red zone weakness and we’ll see the most points that we’ve seen all year.

The Huskers will end the season with a win.