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Welcome to the Early Signing Day Recruiting Bonanza! **UPDATED 1:11 PM**

All the ‘Crootin, all the Time, Come Right In!


Hello and Welcome Nebraska Cornhusker Football Recruiting Fanatics, and also to the one or two normal people that are here as well! The entire recruiting staff is on hand and ready to roll, we’ve got Ethiopian coffee and Jamaican rum on hand, depending on how the day goes. Bookmark this thread, which will be updated throughout the day as prospective players send in their signed NLI’s, or put on hats that may or may not have an Iron N on them!

Update 10:20AM

Update 10:00AM

Update 9:01AM

I just looked and the 2021 class is sitting at #22 in the recruiting rankings, sixth in the Big Ten, just one spot behind Iowa.

Update 8:26AM

Walk-ons need love too!

Back to the schollies:

Update 8:20AM

The recruiting staff is hard at work bringing you all the up to date Early Signing Day news:

But the faxes are still rolling in:

Update 8:06AM

Some more signing day drama is unfolding! Nebraska native and top recruiting target, four star defensive back Avante Dickerson, has announced that he is waiting until February to sign! That’s good news for the Huskers! #soyouretellingmetheresachance

Some more fax activity:

And here’s a quarterback!

Update 7:55AM

Got some local boys warming up the ole fax machine now!

Update 7:48AM

For those of you following Gus and I’s cowboy racing exploits, you’ll be excited to know that we traveled to Texas AND BACK without dying this time, and also came home with a belt buckle! We are the 2020 Novice World Champions! I know this has nothing to do with recruiting, but Gus was just a champion all week. So I’m sticking the video of our finals run in here, and you can just scroll past it. He was so amazing. Notice that we’re decked out in Husker red!

Updated 7:27AM

Things are getting pretty gritty at the East Coast Recruiting Coverage Headquarters. The coffeemaker just crossed the rainbow bridge, so I had to run out to the horse trailer and get the camping pot. We’re drinking cowboy coffee this morning! #siphuackptooe

Updated 7:15AM

A bit of signing day drama early on, as Hawaiian four star ILB prospect Wynden Ho’ohuli notifies us that he will be waiting until February to pick a school.

Back to the good news!

Updated 7:00AM

We’ve got some signed letter of intents already sitting on the fax machine! Us East Coasters are getting the worm today!

Keep checking throughout the day, as this article gets updated, we’ll update the headline! Welcome to the Husker family, young men! GBR!