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Nebraska WBB 62 Creighton 78: Recap

It was a rough game for the Huskers as they lose their first game of the season and drop the fifth game in a row to Creighton

Scott Bruhn

Trinity Brady is not available again due to the sprained ankle. The Huskers will be playing with an eight-person rotation.

First Quarter

Creighton struck first with a quick basket on their first possession. The Huskers responded to the Bluejays’ first three baskets with an airball and two turnovers. Creighton 7-0. Amy Williams had to use a timeout less than two minutes into the game.

The Creighton advantage reached 9-0 before Issie Bourne got the Huskers on the board nearly halfway into the quarter. The Creighton full court press seems to be causing Nebraska to rush their offense a bit.

The Huskers cut into the lead to close within four (14-10) before a Bluejay three-pointer extended it again with around two minutes in the quarter. The quarter ended with a 19-13 Creighton lead.

Bourne has five points. Haiby and Cain have four apiece.

Second Quarter

The Bluejays picked up where they left off by rattling in a three-pointer. The Huskers cold shooting continued. Sam Haiby got Nebraska on the board with a pair of free throws. The Husker offense is definitely rushing and pressing rather than running their system. Nebraska should have the advantage inside, but the ball is not getting to the paint.

A Blue Jay three gave them a 10 point lead. Issie Bourne picked up her second foul (yikes). Haiby is running point more than Scoggin right now. The Huskers absolutely cannot seem to hang on the ball or make a basket. The Huskers were in danger of going down by 15 before a Scoggin three cut the deficit back to 10. Ruby Porter went down with an ankle injury. Nebraska may be down to seven players. Backcourt depth is a huge issue unless Porter is able to come back in (note: she was seen on crutches - she isn’t coming back in).

At the under-five timeout, the Huskers trail 31-18. The game has been a mess for Nebraska on both ends of the floor (and in between). Things would go from bad to worse after the timeout as the Bluejays more than doubled up the Huskers at 42-20.

Halftime. Creighton 42 Nebraska 21

Third Quarter

It was a slow start to the quarter scoring wise, but a little slower for Nebraska than Creighton. I believe the Bluejay lead got out to as much as 24. The Huskers are not making even routine plays - a rebound when there are three Huskers and one Bluejay or the Husker player has position. On a night where the shots are not falling, this team needs to double down on its defense.

At the under-five timeout, the Bluejays lead 51-30.

The Jays are shooting with confidence while Nebraska is hesitating (on defense as well as offense). Annika Stewart hit her sixth three-pointer of the season at a much-needed time for Nebraska. Bella Cravens’ rebound gave Nebraska a chance at a quick transition layup by Issie Bourne (assist from Whitney Brown).

With two minutes left in the third quarter - Creighton 56 Nebraska 36

Anni Stewart is starting to heat up as she has scored the last 10 Husker points (I think). The Husker defense continues to be sub-par as they are scared to make a strong move toward any player for fear the ball will get kicked out for a three or a cutter will get behind them.

End of third. Creighton 63 Nebraska 43

Fourth Quarter

The game went back and fourth the first two minutes until the Huskers managed four quick points but the Jays got those right back (69-49).

At the under-five timeout - Creighton 69 Nebraska 51

Bella Cravens and Kate Cain had a good fourth quarter - Cravens especially showed some athleticism on several plays. Issie Bourne fouled out with a little over three minutes left in the game.

Kate Cain registered a resounding block and followed with an offensive rebound and layup to bring Nebraska within 14 points (74-60) with 1:39 left in the game.

Final. Creighton 78 Nebraska 62