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Nebraska - Minnesota: The “Just When You Think It Can’t Get Worse” Postgame Reaction

It was as sucky as you’d think it could get.

NCAA Football: Minnesota at Nebraska Dylan Widger-USA TODAY Sports

Minnesota came into this game down 33 players, hadn’t played in two weeks, and with a run defense that was 111th in the nation, giving up 215.60 yards per game. They were dead last - 127th - in rush defense yards per carry at 6.82.

The Gophers were giving up 6.82 yards per carry!

How did Nebraska start this game?

Throwing a sideways pass that was ruled backwards and lost yardage. Probably was an omen.

  • I don’t understand why we insist on running sideways when the Gopher defense hadn’t proven it could stop anyone on the ground.
  • I don’t understand why we played zone defense when we put our defensive backs in man coverage last week against Purdue’s David Bell and Rondale Moore, shutting them down (mostly) for a win.
  • I don’t understand why Adrian Martinez plays like a Heisman candidate one game, then can’t hit the broad side of a barn the next.

Scott Frost has had a lot of losses. Just when you thought the Illinois loss from a couple weeks ago was bad, he loses to a short-handed Minnesota team that sucks, but doesn’t apparently suck as much as Nebraska.

It’s tough right now. It’s tough all around. Take care of yourselves, Merry Christmas.