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Five Reasons Nebraska Will Win: Minnesota

This year’s battle for the Broken Chair trophy will turn out much better for Nebraska than last year’s.

NCAA Football: Nebraska at Purdue Marc Lebryk-USA TODAY Sports

After last week’s win, things have been a little easier for me. People are starting to believe in me again.

This is good news, because I’m back to tell you why Nebraska will pick up win number 3 against Minnesota on Saturday.


There are 17 seniors being honored for Senior Day on Saturday. Ten of these seniors have been on the team for five or more seasons. They have been through a coaching change and all of the turnover and bad vibes that go with that. They have endured many rough seasons and they stuck with the team.

These seniors are going to play hard on Saturday and the rest of the team is going to show up and not let them down either.


After Nebraska beat Penn State, they had a terrible game against Illinois. They stated that they were not focused enough in practice and hadn’t worked hard enough to prepare. They won’t let the same thing happen again.

After a good win against Purdue last week, the Huskers are going to be more focused and ready to take on Minnesota. They will come away with a win.


The Gophers are last in the BIG in scoring defense, total defense, and 3rd down defense. They are also 13th in rushing defense allowing 215.6 rushing yards per game and 6.82 per carry.

With a healthy Dedrick Mills and quarterbacks who like to run, as well as Marvin Scott III and Rahmir Johnson getting more experience the Huskers are going to exploit this weakness.


Nebraska’s defense held Purdue to -2 rushing yards and showed up big to shut down a potent passing game.

They will once again meet a team with a strong offense and many weapons with receivers like Chris Autman-Bell. But the secondary has proven that they are up for the job. Cam Taylor-Britt and Dicaprio Bootle have done a great job shutting down top receivers all year and Saturday will be no different.

The defensive line and the linebackers are also up to the challenge of taking down Minnesota’s explosive offense.


Speaking of offense, the Husker offense is getting better every game. Last week Adrian Martinez led the Nebraska offense to their highest scoring game of the season.

We saw more passing and more receivers consistently getting looks. This week we will see more of Wan’Dale Robinson (as we should), Zaiver Betts, Levi Falck, and Austin Allen. These players are more confident in themselves and in their quarterback and they will be successful on Saturday.

With Dedrick Mills back in the line up, the rushing game has another layer to it, This layer will help the Huskers win.