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Nebraska vs Minnesota, How to Watch: Game Time, TV, Streaming, Odds, and More

Everything you need to know to watch Saturday’s football game between the Huskers and the Gophers.

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Minnesota v Maryland Photo by G Fiume/Maryland Terrapins/Getty Images

Nebraska is looking for it’s third win when Minnesota comes to Lincoln on Saturday.

The Huskers are coming off of a 37-27 win over Purdue last week. This was the most complete game that Nebraska has played all year and showed a glimpse of what the team is capable of.

They are facing a Minnesota team that hasn’t played a game in three weeks. Due to COVID cases, Minnesota’s last game was also against Purdue on November 20th.

Minnesota averages over 400 yards per game on offense. Their leading rusher Mohamed Ibrahem averages 163.4 yards per game. Quarterback Tanner Morgan has accumulated 1,033 yards passing and 4 touchdowns on the year.

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Date/Time: December 12, 2020. 11 AM CDT

Location: Memorial Stadium, Lincoln, NE

Surface: Field turf

Opposition Blog: Check out The Daily Gopher.

Series Record: Minnesota leads all time 33-25-2. As Big Ten foes Nebraska leads 5-4. In Lincoln Nebraska leads 12-9.

TV: The game will be televised on FS1. Eric Collins will do the play-by-play, with Ben Leber as the analyst. It can also be streamed on the Fox Sports App with your cable or dish log in.

Radio: Huskers sports radio network. The audio can also be streamed live for free at The crew will be: Greg Sharpe, Matt Davison, and Ben McLaughlin. XM Simulcast 196 and Sirius Simulcast 108.

More streaming options: The official Huskers app is available on iTunes and for Android users. Another option is the TuneIn app for game audio.

Weather: High of 36 with a chance of snow.

Odds: Nebraska is favored by 10.5.


This is the latest regular season game that Nebraska has ever played in its 131 year old history.

Nebraska held Purdue to -2 rushing yards last weekend. It was the first time in 85 games that the Huskers have held an opponent to negative rushing yards. The last time was against Michigan in 2013.


Head Coach Scott Frost on adding Connor Culp to the 2020 roster

“It’s big, we haven’t been very good at that spot the first couple years here. He certainly gives us the guy that we can count on. I get less nervous when I send the field goal unit out there. We start thinking about kicking a field goal deep from farther out because of his range so it gives us a lot more confidence and glad he that he’s a part of what we’re doing.”

On Dedrick Mills’ passon

“He’s just always happy, always has smile on his face. Is always positive to be around and I think that impacts the rest of the team in a positive way. Just such a likable guy and good teammate and does whatever he needs to do for the team.”

On Minnesota having two weeks off due to COVID-19

“They’re going to be fresh and ready. I’m sure they’ve had time to look at us, feel bad for them that they’ve had COVID cases that they’ve had. It’s just a tough year. They whipped us last year up there, they did a great job with game plan, coaching and playing and certainly got the better of us. I think our guys are anxious to play I’m and I’m sure there’s our too.”

Cornerback Dicaprio Bootle on Cam Taylor

“ Cam is playing at an elite level. He’s a guy who’s a heavy competitor. Somebody who no matter what it is we could be flipping a coin he’s going to get in on that coin flip and be able to call it whether it’s heads or tails. That’s just a testament to the guy it that he is. He’s took this year and took the time off to really help himself grow as a player and I always thought the highest Cam. I always thought he was a great player regardless. He might have had some miscues in in prior years who doesn’t. But that guy right there as somebody’s that younger than me I really admire his work. I really admire the things that he does on the field and just the player that he’s evolved into over his time here and you know down the line he continues to do what he’s doing it will pay off big time so it’s actually crazy because we were talking about this earlier in the locker room just telling him you know how much better he has gotten over the years and just telling him that I’m so happy that he’s been in my life for the past couple of years that way we can help each other grow and learn a lot from each other so that’s my guy forever.”

Cornerback Cam Taylor-Britt on Dicaprio Bootle’s interception

“Well, if you ask him, he’ll tell you. But I tell him every game, ‘This is your game, you’re gonna get a pick this game, just follow the ball through and go get it.’ The ball really just landed right there in his hands so perfectly. I don’t know how he could’ve drop it. I was so happy for him. You could see me in the pictures, in the videos, just chasing him, so happy like I caught the interception myself. But it’s just exciting to see another player, especially my brother, close teammate who’s always been there for me since I’ve got here and showed me the ropes. Just to see him get that, I was so excited.”

Dedrick Mills on how he suffered his injury and the process of getting back to playing

“I just know that first drive against Penn State, one person stood me up and another person came and hit me on the side of my leg. I just feel a little pop in my knee. I knew I could finish the drive and make a few more plays. But I just knew if I would have kept going the rest of that game, I probably wouldn’t have been able to play the rest of the season. So, me being smart, took a chance and just told Coach, ‘I feel confident in the younger guys. You can put either one, Marvin (Scott III), Rahmir (Johnson) and I feel like the game would still be the same.’ So that’s what happened and the young guys got in and did what they were supposed to do.”