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SB Nation Reacts: Husker Confidence and Captain Khaki Most Overrated Coach


Ohio State State v Michigan Photo by Leon Halip/Getty Images

So it has been quite the week we just finished up. There are so very many things going on in the world lately, and it is a roller coaster of emotions numerous times a day even. However, I am the person here who happens to write these articles covering the poll results of SB Nation voters, so I get the extreme pleasure of telling you all how fans voted in this week’s polling. So given the topics of some of the questions, let’s get right into the meat of it before I fall over laughing tears of great joy.

Captain Khaki Pants Most Overrated Coach

You just hate to see it . . . IF YOU ARE A MICHIGAN WOLVERINES FAN! SB Nation voters nationwide were asked who the most overrated coach in America is. SB Nation does not have an electoral college, but it does have a number of parties. All of that was irrelevant when it came to the results, though. 53-percent of voters elected Jim Harbaugh as the most overrated coach in America. Take a bow Captain Khaki! Congratulations Mr. 3-8. You manage to beat one of your rivals when they have down years, and sometimes not even then (potentially)! All while being the third highest paid coach in America! Man, can you define “Michigan Man” in a more apt way?!

How were the competitors in this election choice? Frankly, they fared as well as your “tough defense” did against Ohio State last season, or worse yet, your “little brother” when referees actually call holding! Careful, Ryan Day may actually break last season’s record with a 100-burger on you next month Jimmy-boy. Oh, and you natural Husker fans will probably like the fact Texas’s head coach finished No. 2.

Finally on this point, because again, I am the person writing this, let’s take a look at Michigan fan confidence specifically following last week’s right hook to the jaw.

Game Predictions

Less noteworthy but still important in results this week were fan predictions for scores of the big games. How do SB Nation community members feel about the Trevor Lawrence-less Clemson Tigers facing the car thief Brian Kelly’s Fighting Irish? Looks like Kelly’s Cincinnati dash got repoed in the end despite his best, cheapskate efforts after all.

How about the largest outdoor [cancelled] cocktail party that is too good for either team’s home stadium, so they choose . . . wait for it . . . freaking Jacksonville, Florida for their game. Just because it isn’t in the state of Ohio does not mean it is actually a positive in the end.

Husker Confidence

Finally, how does confidence rate among the Nebraska Cornhuskers faithful?