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Friday Night Thread of Friendly Politics And Football!

You can be civil if you choose to be.

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Army V Navy
Looking for election results.....



This is your open thread in which we will allow political discussions WITH A STRONG CAVEAT.

I expect you to be civil. I expect you to be adults, to be decent to each other, and we really don’t need to be drug down a drain hole into a hellscape of anger and finger pointing.

There’s more going on than a contentious election. We have a global virus spiking up again, putting economies, people’s lives, and the future of our world in a precariously perched position.

This country right now needs to leave its divisiveness behind. It needs to forgive, forget, take all its “I told you so’s” and shove them up its collective ass.

If there’s one good thing about brain injury, it’s the understanding you have limited mental energy so you must be judicious about on what and where you use it. You quickly discover that being angry, spiteful, and holding grudges drains your mental energy faster than you ever thought, leaving you a mindless blob. I wish other people could learn this lesson without the brain injury.

This thread is not an excuse to spread politics into other threads. This is your one AND ONLY “get it out of your system” thread.

If you find yourself getting the need to put someone on blast, take a timeout. Think about the good things in your life. Then maybe return. Or not.


You could say thanks to your benevolent fearless leader and buy my book as a token of appreciation for all I do for you.

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Friday Night Football!

Game Time Channel
Game Time Channel
Miami at NC State 6:30 PM ESPN / ESPN Video
San Jose State at San Diego State 8:00 PM CBSSN / CBS Video
BYU at Boise State 8:45 PM FS1 / FSGo