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Five Reasons Nebraska Will Win: Northwestern

The Huskers first victory is coming on Saturday.

Nebraska v Ohio State Photo by Jamie Sabau/Getty Images

Nebraska is back on the field on Saturday!

The Huskers are ready to hand Northwestern their first loss of the season.

In a match up that is always close, the Huskers will come out victorious and here are some reasons why:


During the Ohio State game, it was evident that Nebraska’s offensive line was much improved from a year ago. The players were stronger and more able to hold their own against the Ohio State defense.

This improved line play will be a key to victory against a stout Northwestern defense.


While everyone would have preferred for the Huskers to play last Saturday, the bye week is going to be helpful for victory this week. The Huskers have had extra time to prepare for Northwestern.

Also, Northwestern has only been able to see one game to prepare for the Huskers. Nebraska gets the benefit of watching Northwestern play two close games.


The Huskers showed that even though Adrian Martinez is the starting quarterback, Luke McCaffrey isn’t going to be sitting on the sidelines waiting his turn to play. These two quarterbacks are two of the most talented players on the Husker team and together they make an awesome combo.

It will be more difficult for the Northwestern defense when they have to account for both quarterbacks at different times in the game.

I’m looking forward to more beautiful plays like this:


While senior Jack Stoll is most likely out for the Northwestern game, the use of the Tight Ends in the Ohio State game was an encouraging change from last season.

Austin Allen had a 26 yard reception vs. the Buckeyes which was the longest reception of the game for the Huskers.

More use of these big targets will help the Huskers secure a win over the Wildcats.


The linebackers had pretty good games against the Buckeyes. Will Honas and Collin Miller both had good games. JoJo Domann and Garrett Nelson played well for the Huskers.

The Husker linebackers are going to put more pressure on Northwestern quarterback, Peyton Ramsey and will be a key to winning the game for Nebraska.

The Huskers’ first win of 2020 is coming on Saturday.