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Scott Frost Press Conference: “Omar’s Ready to Play”

You heard that right!

NCAA Football: Nebraska at Ohio State Joseph Maiorana-USA TODAY Sports

Today’s press conference with Scott Frost started off with the best news of the season.

Omar Manning is ready to go this weekend against Northwestern.

This was based off an answer about the young wide receivers. He ended it with the news about Omar Manning. However, he said the fact that some of the young guys that haven’t shown up are based off of those guys needing to learn but also other factors that are out of their control like the virus, injuries or absences.

The same can be said for Luke Reimer.

Frost said it really helps to have Reimers back because while Will Honas and Collin Miller played well against Ohio State they played a lot of snaps. He continued that the ILB situation is one that cannot be characterized as having a ton of depth.

Will the team be ready after another week of practice since they did not have a game when they expected one?

Frost said it would have been nice to have another game under their belt. If this was week 5 or 6 then it might be an advantage but that is not the case here. It’s hard to get better as a football team when you aren’t getting on the field to play. The guys are prepared so they should be ready to play an actual game.

With Northwestern’s great set of linebackers, what does the offense need to do to be able to execute against the Northwestern defense?

Their sound. They don’t give anything easy. You have to earn it. There’s no secret to beating Northwestern. You have to block, tackle, run routes, get open, cover and try to limit your mistakes cause they are probably going to limit theirs.

What about Jack Stoll?

What did Frost think of the Defensive Line’s performance from week one?

Frost felt good about how both the defensive and offensive lines played. They held their own and sometimes won here and there and sometimes lost here and there. It was a major step forward for them especially after getting pushed around by Ohio State the year before. Was impressed with the young guys that came in and looked like they belonged.