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Cornhuskers React: Fans Confident in Hoops!

Not so much in football

NCAA Basketball: Golden Window Classic-McNeese State at Nebraska Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

How are we all feeling about the basketball team this year? Look, that Nevada game was rough and only around 24 hours after a win over McNeese State against a tough defense early in the season. Folks need to stop using football glasses on basketball and get the bigger sample of basketball games with smaller rosters means there are a lot more competitive and a lot more “WTF” games in a season. This should be a good year for the Cornhusker’s men’s basketball team and you all better get on the damn hype train of excited improvement or else I may abandon you all!

Okay, so that’s an empty threat on the whole abandonment thing, but maybe a few less “I hate basketball” comments would be a step in the right direction. This poll result is a step in that direction at least.

Yeah, so then there is football. I was unable to watch the game yesterday myself and you’re all not here to hear my commentary on it even if I had. So here are fan confidence levels prior to the [Iowa, but post Illinois] loss.

More on football, here are poll results on how fans think the football season was executed as a whole. I imagine a few of the Big Ten fanbases are who accounted for the 4-percent F results.

What about non-New Year’s Six Bowl games happening? Well, gee-willicker’s mister, I guess you fans are sad to see the Pin Stripe Bowl was cancelled yesterday! (Win over Wake Forest last season aside, I really hate that bowl and wish the Big Ten would ditch it).

Most of you are probably in that 32-percent. I hate you for that. Not really, but I do actually get the impression a number of you said no and this is where our relationship together is really on the fritz if you’re not keeping my vodka pours flowing to make up for that shortcoming.

Games will be cancelled. Let’s not dwell on the sadness of that with this final poll question and results.