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Nebraska - Iowa Rivalry Football Game Tied At Half 13-13

It’s not very exciting, but it is!

NCAA Football: Nebraska at Iowa Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports

It’s Black Friday. There are shopping deals everywhere.

No Dedrick Mills. No Marcus Fleming. Adrian Martinez is the starting quarterback.

Iowa 3 - 0

The Hawkeyes took the opening possession and moved down the field with efficiency... until they got to the red zone. Spencer Petras made some throws. Shaun Beyer made a great one-handed catch for 22 yards. Ihmir Smith-Marsette made a reception for 22 yards, then was hit out of bounds on a really dumb play by Luke Reimer.

In the red zone, Iowa ran the ball, gained nothing and settled for a 32-yard field goal by Keith Duncan.

Iowa 10 - 0

This Hawkeye scoring drive was set up by a great punt return by Kelly Martin to midfield.

Iowa moved easily down the filed, scoring on a 6-yard pass from Petras to Tyrone Tracy.

At this point, Nebraska has 33 total yards of offense compared to 105 for Iowa.

PAT: Duncan,Keith kick attempt good.

Scoring Drive: 6 plays, 46 yards, 2:53

Iowa 10 - Nebraska 3

Luke McCaffrey took over at quarterback. Nebraska moved down the field rather well. McCaffrey went 2-3 for 16 yards through the air and added two runs for 30 yards. The drive stalled when Marvin Scott could gain only one yard on 3rd and 6 because Nebraska’s offensive line can’t block for shit.

Connor Culp hit a 31-yard field goal to get the Huskers on the board.

Scoring Drive: 11 plays, 62 yards, 3:34

Iowa 10 - Nebraska 6

DeCaprio Bootle made his first career interception when Petras stepped back to pass, took a nap, had a donut, then decided to throw an ill-advised ball directly into Bootle’s hands. Nebraska started at the Iowa 42 yard line. McCaffrey completed a pass to Rahmir Johnson for 5 yards. Then Alante Brown took a reverse 18 yards, and would have scored had Brenden Jaimes been able to get a block.

Johnson was dropped for a four yard loss. McCaffrey picked up three on a draw, then threw an incomplete and scary pass to Levi Falck.

Culp hit another field goal, this time from 39 yards.

Scoring Drive: 6 plays, 22 yards, 2:02

Iowa 13 - Nebraska 6

Iowa took over, then went on an unexciting drive resulting in points.

Iowa was given a first down when Petras threw an incomplete pass to Sam LaPorta, but Deontai Williams was called for pass interference as he grabbed LaPorta on a rub/pick play. It was an unfortunate way to keep their drive alive.

It looked like the game might be exciting as Iowa lined up to go for it on 4th and 3, but Kirk Ferentez regained his non-gambling guy senses and called timeout.

Keith Duncan kicked a 33 yard field goal.

Nebraska 13 - Iowa 13

Adrian Martinez came in a quarterback. Martinez hit Wan’Dale Robinson for a 28 yard gain, then hit him again for another 22 yards. Cameron Jurgens snapped the ball poorly twice, one of which went zinging over his head on its way to Missouri. Nebraska.

On 3rd and 23, Martinez threw a bullet in the air to Austin Allen, who took his very tall, 6’8” frame, catching the ball and coming down with a tiny toe tap in bounds to pick up the first down. The play was confirmed after review, so it couldn’t have possibly been a wrong call no matter what those stinky bastards from Iowa think.

Robinson ran for 12 yards, then two, getting the ball to the one. Adrian Martinez jumping over the Iowa defensive line on a sneak play from one yard out.

Scoring Drive: 11 plays, 75 yards, 3:19