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Five Reasons Nebraska Will Win: Iowa

It is time for the Huskers to defeat the Hawkeyes.

NCAA Football: Iowa at Nebraska Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

You may have noticed that sometimes I am not exactly right. I think sometimes the team forgets to read these, so that they know what to do to win.

Don’t you worry though. This week the Huskers are going to get the win.

Here are your reason’s why:


Iowa has won the Heroes trophy for the past five years. That streak can only go on for so long. It is time for them to share. It’s pretty rude that they would hog a trophy like that. Believe me, I have small children and teach 3rd graders, sharing is an important skill and I am surprised Iowa hasn’t learned that by now. Sharing is caring and caring about your neighbor is important.

Nebraska will win because it is their turn and that is what is fair.


Many people have been spending their week trying to dig deep into the problems with Nebraska football. The problem is that the defense just didn’t show up last week. This not going to happen this week. The defense we saw in the final seconds of the Penn State game is the defense that we will see against Iowa.

With a defense that shows up the Huskers are sure to win.


Turnovers were a BIG problem last week against Illinois. The Huskers doubled the number of turnovers that they lost after that game.

This week there will be no turnovers and the defense is even going to pick up a few. Nebraska will win the turnover battle and the game.


Hear me out on this one, I’m not saying he’ll be our starter for good. But, Adrian has had some success against Iowa and Luke struggled getting his feet last week. Frost said that both quarterbacks had an excellent week preparing, so why not?

With Martinez starting at quarterback Luke McCaffrey will be freed up to run some specialized plays and bring a spark to the offense. It’s a lot more difficult for teams to defend when both of them are on the field.


Legend has it that on Sunday, November 30, 2014 a Nebraska football coach was fired after defeating Iowa and completing his seventh 9-win season. When this happened the athletic director stated that he had to “evaluate where Iowa was” while making his decision.

Since that day a curse had been set on the Nebraska football team. They have not been able to beat Iowa since. Legend says that in the year a of a great pandemic in which former head coach goes back to a land in which he once belonged, the curse will be broken.

Lucky for us there is a pandemic in the year of 2020 AND Bo Pelini is once again the defensive coordinator for LSU. So that means the curse is broken and Nebraska will win.