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Big Red Cobcast Ep. 338: Ugh.

Welp, here we are, Husker fans.


Who do we blame for this week? What do we have to look forward to? Is this what we’re doomed to watching every Saturday?

Also, should it bother us this much? Maybe we care too much as fans. Maybe we create more issues than solutions. Maybe I’m just spitballing because I can’t handle any more sad, depressed Cobcasts.

Despite that wonderful sales pitch, there’s a lot in this week’s episode. Maybe this Husker football team is less like 1999 Indiana football and more like current Indiana basketball. Maybe the quarterback switch wasn’t the solution. Maybe we still beat Iowa this week regardless of what the season has looked like. Give it a listen and then hit us up with your thoughts!

And once you’re done listening to this week’s episode, you’re going to need some more content to fill the long space between today and Saturday’s game. You can do that by catching up on all 338 of our past episodes here.

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