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Frosted Flakes: A Beautiful November

The Huskers may not be cooperating, but if you take a deep breath and look around, it is a beautiful time to be a Nebraskan

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Iowa v Nebraska Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images

In our pandemic world, working over videoconference is common.

Working outside, on your deck, in November, in Nebraska, is not common.

One of the jokes that has emerged at my job videoconferences is Jill’s wildlife check-in. Because of the nice weather, and some late-day meetings, I get to “treat” my urban co-workers to the simple pleasures of rural life. These include hooting owls, coyote calls, piercing hawk screams and (of course) cow moos.

Beyond that, my coworkers have gotten to see/hear (or witness my reaction) wildlife encounters that include pheasant roosters (two of them flew 30 feet away from my front patio during a recent call), bald eagles (my favorite sighting), blue herons (one huddled up against our house after a recent snow, flew away when I went to investigate, and later brought back a mate during a video call) and whitetail deer running through our tree/pasture area.


Frosted Flakes

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Then There’s This

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