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Post Game Reaction Podcast: Nebraska’s Horrible Terrible Sucky Loss To Illinois

It was pretty awful. About as bad as it can get.

NCAA Football: Illinois at Nebraska Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports


Nebraska’s defense gave up 490 total yards.

Nebraska’s offense committed FIVE turnovers.

This was the worst Nebraska game I can remember watching for a long time. That’s an incredible statement, given the past few years. Last week it felt like Nebraska turned a corner. This week it was like they turned the corner straight into hell.

It’s solo me giving a post game reaction. It’s not pretty.

We have gotten this very good update since I recorded the video.

[UPDATE 6:03 PM]

From the Nebraska Athletic Department

Update on Nebraska LB Collin Miller from Head Football Trainer Mark Mayer and Athletic Medicine:

Collin Miller was transported to Bryan LGH West Hospital for precautionary reasons. Miller has movement in all of his extremities, and the results of all diagnostic imaging and testing on Miller were normal. He will stay overnight at the hospital for observation and at this point the prognosis looks promising.