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Cornhuskers React: Confidence Saw Slight Uptick

After the first win, Husker fans are just a tad more confident in the team, while nationally Indiana at Ohio State overwhelmingly is the favorite matchup this weekend

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Nebraska v Northwestern Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

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The Indiana Hoosiers are taking the Big Ten East by storm thus far on the season as they sit in first place at 4-0. Ohio State sits just behind at 3-0 after Maryland had to cancel their game last weekend against the Buckeyes. Are fans nationally interested in the classic David and Goliath, Cinderella-esque matchup on Saturday between these two Big Ten East teams? Why yes, yes they are. Since my own noon game was cancelled, I plan to join them in watching as well for that matter. Go Hoosiers!

The other national questions this week focused on the news out of South Carolina as the Gamecocks decided that a $15 million buyout in the middle of a budget ravaged pandemic was a great idea. Surely there won’t be any backlash to that genius move! How many fans nationally think other coaches will join the Gamecocks in not caring about paying colossal buyouts while having laid off or furloughed other athletic department staff? The consensus seems to suggest three schools in total will.

Finally, national poll questions this week also took note of the fact that Luke Fickell seemed to be a hot commodity name for South Carolina to target, ignoring the fact he seems quite happy at Cincinnati for now and his recruiting footprint is the Midwest, not South Carolina. But I won’t get into all of the details here on why that’s a stupid prospect to focus on for this job. Instead I will point out that 53-percent of voters seemed to agree with me that going to South Carolina is a dumb decision for Fickell as he is better off at Cincinnati.

Finally, the part that you scrolled past everything else to get to is here. After the first win of the season for Nebraska, fan confidence is up. Just a little. Fan confidence increased from 64-percent last week to 69-percent this week.

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