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Nebraska Football Monday Press Conference

Some thoughts on a first start at QB, updates on two wide receivers, and the young running back who might have made the critical plays on Saturday

Nebraska v Northwestern Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Scott Frost met with the media today and was unsurprisingly quizzed about Luke McCaffrey’s first start. Also of note, Oliver Martin (wide receiver transfer from Iowa) is eligible. We had all assumed this after seeing him suit up Saturday, but we now have confirmation.

As usual, my “quotes” are my best attempt to type in real time and not word-for-word quotes. If something needs to be clarified, let me know in the comments.

On Omar Manning

On Marvin Scott III and plays that made the difference

On switching the home sideline the west

(It had to do with protecting signals from opposing coaches up in the box)

On Luke McCaffrey and the quarterback situation

I thought Luke’s first start was great, I expect him to have a great week of practice

Luke’s energy is infectious. His competitive nature is infectious. That makes guys want to play along side of him. That is what you want from your leaders. When your best players are your hardest workers...that is what you want.

You’ve used 15-17 guys on the defensive front 7 and different formations - what if any input did you have in that - how has it worked?

I had a little do with it, but not much. The key is to get guys in positions to do what they are best at...some guys are better at rushing...some are better at setting the edge...the defense had to play 91 snaps...I hope we don’t have to play in a game again where we snap the ball 30 times less than the other team...I think they’ve done a good job using guys in groups to highlight what they do best.

How do you feel about the young guys especially Pieper and Benhart on the O-line?

We’ve gone with several guards, even some that haven’t played yet have been good in practice...I think Trent Hixson is capable of playing anytime...Broc Bando too...We have alot of guys capable of playing. It would have helped the young guys to have a non-conference schedule to get those guys some reps before we played teams like OSU, Northwestern and Penn State.

On Illinois - that was a physical game last year. They may play different because they may have some guys out - thoughts?

I compliment Lovie - he’s a great person and exceptional coach. They hit the crap out of us last year. We won the game, but guys were sore. They hit our receivers. I know they are dealing with a lot of contact tracing due to state rules that others don’t have to deal with - I give them credit for playing games with who they have available. That says a lot about who they are and who Lovie is. We don’t know who they’ll have especially at QB, but we’ll have to get ready.