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Frosted Flakes: Enjoying a Win, Space X, and Being Tony Hawk

A win is better than a loss. Especially when it took nearly a year to get into the “W” column

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NCAA Football: Penn State at Nebraska Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

It is much more fun writing these after a win! It has been....way too long...since I could say that.

In other awesome news, the U.S. has launched a crew into space for the first time since the shuttle program was decommissioned. The U.S. is now taking our own astronauts to the International Space Station instead of having the Russians provide taxi service. It also marks the start of the commercial space era.

Enjoy a Monday full of wins Corn Nation!

SpaceX Resilience launch livestream: Astronauts set for Sunday liftoff
'Resilience' will break free of the shackles of gravity and shepherd four astronauts to the ISS for the first ever operational commercial crew mission.

Frosted Flakes

Huskers add six-man standout Rohde to walk-on class | Huskers |
Carson Rohde spent all of high school running the football. In college, he’s going to transition to snapping it.

Why Bryce McGowens picking Nebraska is a big, big deal
Here are three reasons why the commitment of five-star Bryce McGowens was a major coup for Nebraska basketball.

It. Is. A. Big. Freaking. Deal.

Reimer showing reasons his Husker peers have talked him up
Husker fans are quickly learning what type of football player he is too. His activity in his first start seemed to surprise absolutely no one on Nebraska’s roster.

Cain Named to Lisa Leslie Award Watch List - University of Nebraska
Nebraska’s Kate Cain was named to the Lisa Leslie Award Watch List for the third consecutive year, when the candidates for the national center-of-the-year honor

The Husker center has had a good career - here’s to hoping she caps it off with that long-sought All Big Ten slot.

Bellevue West's Micah Riley includes Huskers in top eight schools | National |
As it was playing Penn State in a home opener Saturday, Nebraska landed in the top eight schools of a four-star in-state standout for the 2022 recruiting cycle.

Two Columbus Scotus grads had one of their best days in 1970 Huskers win over Kansas State | Football |
Fifty years ago this weekend two Columbus Scotus grads had their best days as Huskers: a 51-13 beatdown of 20th-ranked Kansas State and Lynn Dickey.

Sportsin’ Stuff Outside the 402/308

The 2014-15 Kansas City Royals Were One Of Baseball’s Great Underdog Stories | FiveThirtyEight
Clubs that fooled the forecasters — the Little Teams That Could — keep sports fun.

NFL Hall of Fame running back Paul Hornung dies at 84
LOUISVILLE, Ky. (AP) — Paul Hornung, the dazzling “Golden Boy” of the Green Bay Packers whose singular ability to generate points as a runner, receiver, quarterback and kicker helped turn the team...

Masters takeaways: Dustin Johnson’s win, Tiger Woods’ blunder - Sports Illustrated
Dustin Johnson stuck to his game plan and executed it, plus Tiger Woods recovers from his meltdown on No. 12 and Rory McIlroy’s grand clam title waits another year.

The Masters winner 2020: Dustin Johnson wins and sets tournament record ahead of Cameron Smith, Sungjae Im - DraftKings Nation
The lowest 72-hole score in Masters history was -18 270, and Johnson breaks it by being the first man at -20.

Kirk Ferentz used Iowa’s 3 timeouts in the final seconds of a blowout for the best possible reason: Spite
A battle of 1-2 Big Ten West teams typically isn’t considered the most interesting of matchups, especially when one of those teams takes a 35-0 lead during the game.

More Noise and Other Disturbances

Virgin Hyperloop pod transport tests first passenger journey - BBC News
The "sci-fi" travel concept involves travelling in pods inside vacuum tubes at very high speeds.

Ok, I guess?

Veterans Day -- Tuskegee Airmen broke barriers in the military and sports
From Black men who left successful sports careers to join the squadron in the 1940s to current sports personalities inspired to #FlyLikeThem, the Tuskegee Airmen's impact is still felt.

NYC woman gets ill swan to clinic via foot, car and subway | Strange AP |
NEW YORK (AP) — Ariel Cordova-Rojas went to New York's Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge last week to celebrate her 30th birthday.

Planes, trains and automobiles...almost.

98-Year-old D-Day Veteran Recreates Photo With Belgian Boy Who Befriended Him During WWII
A 98-year-old D-Day veteran has recreated a photo taken with a Belgian boy whose family took him in 76 years ago.

The Highest-Paid Dead Celebrities Of 2020
Which estates of celebrities that have passed on are still making oodles of money?

Jolt Cola: An Electrifying History | Mental Floss
Jolt Cola debuted in 1986 and promised a departure from the “wimpy” Coca-Cola and Pepsi offerings by promising almost as much caffeine as soft drinks could legally contain.

I totally remember thinking that buying Jolt Cola was the ultimate rebel move. Yes, I was about 12 when I thought that....

Voter Fraud Ruffles New Zealand ‘Bird Of The Year’ Competition : NPR
Evidence of election rigging has roiled New Zealand’s “Bird of the Year” competition after a case of ballot-box stuffing has threatened to derail avian democracy.

Another Week - Another Poop Article

Flying fox colony makes Chinchilla home 'almost uninhabitable' for desperate owner - ABC News
When Cathy Lloyd bought her house in Chinchilla 46 years ago, she thought it was a tropical paradise — now, she's afraid to step outside without a large umbrella for protection.

Russell Shepard: Former NFL WR's waste management business - Sports Illustrated
After retiring from the NFL at age 30, former WR Russell Shepard now spends his days scrubbing portable toilets—as the founder of his booming business, Shep Boys Waste Management.

Then There’s This

Cooking Skills Have Improved So Much in 2020 That 40% Think They're Ready to Compete on MasterChef
Cooking skills have improved among Americans in 2020, as people spend more time at home in the pandemic, says a new survey.

I know I’m not ready for Master Chef, but I’m totally better than most of those people....(LOL)

This farmer’s field was once a powerful stronghold in Iron Age Norway | Ars Technica
We know about it all because a farmer wanted to dig a drainage ditch.

A Nameless Hiker and the Case the Internet Can’t Crack | WIRED
The man on the trail went by “Mostly Harmless." He was friendly and said he worked in tech. After he died in his tent, no one could figure out who he was.