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Of Bangarangs & Daggers Episode 62: Aaron Rath

Not everyone has the resources to play during COVID. Aaron helps us understand what these schools are going through.

In this weeks episode Patrick interviews Aaron Rath who is the voice of the University of Northern Colorado Bears women’s basketball and is also color commentator for Northern Colorado football. Aaron is here to discuss what schools in the FCS, Divison II, Division III, and NAIA have gone through during the last few months with COVID-19.

Many of us who follow Nebraska and the Big Ten have a fairly good grasp over what the larger conferences and schools do to deal with the virus. Aaron gives us a better idea of what many of these smaller conferences and schools are going through. Much of which has lead to may of them either postponing seasons or flat out cancelling them.

Not all of them have the resources schools like Nebraska have to fully protect their staff and students as a season goes on. This episode dives in to how many of these schools are getting by.

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