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CN Predictions: Huskers vs. Penn State

Two college football traditional powers try to get their first win of the season. Who’s your pick?

Penn State v Nebraska Photo by Eric Francis/Getty Images

Mike: Fun fact. It’s kind of a “duh” that this game is the latest home opener for a Husker football season, but did you know that it’s even later than some year’s home finale? For example, Nebraska blew out Kansas State on November 10, 2007 in Bill Callahan’s final home game in Lincoln.

And the moral to that story is that even if the fans have given up on the season, anything can happen on any given Saturday. And this week, we’ve got a really competitive series of B1G football games.

Nate M: I’m extremely nervous about this week. What happens if we get blown out by a team that was 0-3?

Nothing. You move on. There’s more to life than football. Except when the game is going on then I tell my kids they need to stop having fun and enjoying life. They are required in my household to sit through the misery that is being a Nebraska football fan.


Patrick: ....Nebrasketball!

Uglydog56: Looks like I picked the wrong football season to quit sniffing glue...

Andy: I’m up. And I really need a later game because the day drinking is getting ridiculous.

Indiana (-7) at Michigan State

Mike: Ummm, it sure looks like Vegas is doubting the Hoosiers. Either that, or they are betting this is the good week for the manic depressive Spartans. I’ve been guilty of dissing Indiana in past weeks, but I’m not making that same mistake this week. Hoosier Daddy 38, Sparty 21.

Nate M: Until proven wrong I think Indiana is the second best team in the conference. Indiana wins by 28.

Jill: Indiana is playing good (and lucky) football so far. Michigan State has been wildly inconsistent. The Hoosiers should win this one going away. Hoosiers 35 Sparty 21

Patrick: Indiana University 32 Michigan State University 21

Uglydog56: I kind of want Indiana to make a run. 2020 is the kind of year where Indiana could end up beating Ohio State in the conference championship by running back a botched extra point for a touchdown or pickup 3 onside kicks in a row and running 4 verts over and over. I’m going with Indy, and all the anarchy.

Andy: I’ve fought this weird Indiana shit long enough. Screw it. Hoosiers 29 Sparty 20

Northwestern (-2.5) at Purdue

Mike: What is up with Rondale Moore? He hasn’t played and nobody is even talking about him. In the meantime, the Nerds continue to make everyone else look silly. NW 24, PU 21.

Nate M: Would love to see Northwestern put it to Purdue just to make me feel better. They win by 3.

Jill: I think Northwestern is the better team. The better teams doesn’t always win, but I’ll save the upsets for a different game. Northwestern 28 Purdue 20

Patrick: Northwestern University 12 Purdue University 9

Uglydog56: I like trains. I don’t like nerds.

Andy: Same with Northwestern. Why shouldn’t the B1G title game be Indiana-Northwestern in the weirdo, day-drinking year? Kitties 20 Shot& a Beer 14

Wisconsin (-4.5) at Michigan

Mike: OK, we have no idea who the Badgers will have available to play after two weeks in quarantine...or what kind of shape they are in. Yes, in a non-COVID time, you’d take Bucky but in 2020? Not going there. Khaki Weasels 31, Masked Bucky 27.

Nate M: Until we see it I’m assuming Wisconsin is going to be without a bunch of players. Michigan wins by a touchdown.

Jill: Yeah, this one is hard to predict without knowing which Badgers are out or in. I still don’t trust Michigan. Badgers 27 Michigan 25

Patrick: University of Wisconsin 21 University of Michigan 12

Uglydog56: Ann Arbor is a harlot! Wisky by a field goal.

Andy: Harbaugh has Ric Flair lead the Wolverines on the field shirtless. After bilking Jimmy for $100,000 for his latest Ponzi scheme, Flair storms out - WOOOO!!! - has a heart attack & collapses on the 30 yard line which causes that weird, stupid growth in the middle of his back to fall off. Confused but not deterred, the Wolverines prevail.

Illinois (+7) at Rutgers

Mike: OK, to be clear. I said “competitive”, not “good” games. Rutgers can be entertaining at times, though. Sorry, Santa Lovie. Rutgers 27, Illinois 17.

Nate M: For some reason I keep thinking Illinois is better than we think. I’ll pick them to beat Rutgers by a field goal.

Jill: In 2019, Illinois looked like a team that was making some strides under Lovie. In 2020, they look like the same old Illini we’ve gotten used to. Rutgers actually looks competent at times and Husker fans are generally rooting for Noah Vedral - who is having a decent season. Knights 30 Illini 21

Patrick: University of Illinois 41 Rutgers University 38

Uglydog56: Illinois with the s not silent will make some noise up in Jersey.

Andy: Aw, who gives a serious shit? I mean, go Noah Vedral! Rutgers 36 Illini 27

Penn State (-3) at Nebraska

Mike: Which team doesn’t want to play more? Nah, I’m not sure I’ll say that about Nebraska. Nebraska is just bumblin’ and stumblin’, just like they have for the last five years. It’s Penn State that looks disinterested. If they ever change their mind, look out...but not this week. I think Nebraska wants to play this week - and play well for their family in the stands. Huskers 34, State Penn 26

Nate M: I am not going to talk myself into thinking “this week is when they figure it out” for Nebraska or something else like that. I keep doing that and I continue to be wrong. I’m going based off of past results to predict the future. Our offense will continue to struggle even if McCaffrey is at quarterback. Also Penn State is going to have their own “week when they figure it out.” Penn State wins by 10+.

Jill: No, Nebraska isn’t going to ‘figure it out’ this week. We’ve been waiting for that since...before Mike Riley showed up. I’m mostly worried about quarterback play, regardless of who starts. Either Martinez or McCaffrey is going feel a great deal of pressure to put in a great performance and that could either lead to a big win - or a big disaster. I’m still going to pick the Huskers, because...I don’t know why I do it anymore, but I am. Huskers 31 Penn St 27


Uglydog56: I wore red at the EXCA world finals last weekend, and won the world championship in Novice. That’s not going to work for Frost and company. There’s just too many talent holes in the roster that could be schemed around. #Irecommenddrinkingheavily.gif

Andy: As I said in the Penn St. Q&A, somebody’s fan base is going to a very, very dark place after this one. And I believe that fan base will be ours. Here was my quote about the prospects of a winless start:

We know how we feel about it - as Husker fans, we have a solid history of losing our goddamned minds over much less than an 0-2 start. If it turns into 0-3, bar furniture, domestic abuse responders and delicate ears will all suffer in the coming week.

There’s a certain, sick joy in watching Husker Nation go batshit - yours truly included - especially in Covid-World where we’re all a little unhinged to start with. The possibilities make me want to buy a liquor store and a small militia’s worth of weaponry with which to defend myself from the mad horde. The mob will be drunkenly stampeding through the streets swinging wood axes at imaginary Frosts and Martinezes. Voodoo will become the state’s 2nd largest religion. We will all be mad as goddamned hatters until we hit 0-4 and the coming crazy week will be a sweet dream. Penn State 34 Huskers 29