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Nebraska Volleyball Has the Best Recruiting Class in the Country

Husker Volleyball signs six for 2021

Gallery Photo: Nebraska vs. Purdue Volleyball: Gallery

If you aren’t excited about our Nebraska Volleyball program, get there. Maybe you are wondering if the unreal success that this program has had is sustainable for the long haul. It is. Rarely in life, things are perfect, but this class may just hit that mark. Here’s the better news, if it is possible for the news to get better: A bunch of these players are from just up the road.

Three of the six top players signing with Nebraska to join the team for 2021 are FROM NEBRASKA. Say that as loud as you want, it something to proud of.

Coach Cook used innovative ideas to keep ahead in an increasingly competitive world of recruiting. He describes a very special camp he ran in 2017 where Nebraska volleyball invited their top recruits, probably hoping to snag one or two of them. Well, those players came, they liked what they saw, and now they are all coming to play in Lincoln.

This recruiting class includes:

#1 setter in the country (also the #1 overall prospect in the country), Kennedi Orr

#1 libero in the country, Lexi Rodriguez

#1 and #2 outside hitter in the country, Lindsay Krause and Ally Batenhorst.


Talent is, in and of itself, exciting, but it is thrilling to know that top talent doesn’t just show up at Nebraska, but it gets better here. They wear scarlet and cream for four years for the Huskers and then they wear red, white and blue for the nation. Top notch players with huge potential coming out of high school, join Coach Cook and his staff, and leave the Huskers at another level as players. Is it game time yet???