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Frosted Flakes: Have You Ever Seen A Cow?

A recent study reveals a shocking number of young Americans have never seen these massive farm animals.

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Photo by Soeren Stache/picture alliance via Getty Images

I’ve seen lots of cows during my travels. Especially while hiking. I have learned that no matter where you go, all the cows sound the same. That’s why a recent study surprised me when it was revealed that 33% of young Americans aged 11 to 24 had never seen a cow. How is that possible? I read in that same study that 15% of those same people had never even left their own state. When there are no cows in certain states and someone has never left their state, the numbers started to make a bit more sense.

Anyone who has been up close to cows know they are pretty massive animals so it’s important to be respectful of them. After all, cows can be deadly and kill an average of 20 people a year, which is more than sharks. The cowbells are there for a reason, which now makes me think...are cowbells worn by sharks still called cowbells?

The best place to be a cow is probably northern India. It is estimated that seven million cows roam free in India due to the fact they are considered sacred in Hinduism, which consider them to be a symbol of prosperity. As a result, beef isn’t sold in many parts of India (even in fast food restaurants) and could be one reason why around one-fourth of the country’s population is vegetarian.

Anyways enough about cows from me. I want to hear your craziest story involving a cow in the comment section. If you’re tired of cows by now, scroll to the bottom of Flakes for a WHALE of a story. Onto Flakes...

Frosted Flakes

Nebrasketball: Keisei Tominaga Signs | Basketball | Corn Nation

While he was adjusting to the rest of the American game, the 6-foot-1 rookie displayed his ability to light it up from anywhere on the floor. Tominaga scored 521 points on 54.9-percent shooting from the floor, 47.9-percent shooting from beyond the arc, and 85.5-percent shooting from the charity stripe.

Nebrasketball: Wilhelm Breidenbach | Basketball | Corn Nation

The 6-foot-9 center has posted 57 double-digit scoring efforts over three years and averages 10.5 points in 92 games for Gary McKnight’s Monarchs. Breidenbach scored a career-high 24 points in a 64-51 win over JSerra Catholic (San Juan Capistrano) in February.

Nebraska Women’s Basketball Signs Highly Ranked 2021 Recruiting Class | Basketball | Corn Nation

Nebraska’s impressive 2021 group includes two players ranked among the top 100 in the ESPN individual rankings, led by the versatile Kendall Coley (No. 49) and Nebraska high school standout Allison Weidner (No. 80) at the national level. Lincoln native Alexis Markowski, Illinois prep star Kendall Moriarity and Tatiana Popa fortify a strong five-player class.

Stakes Are High Saturday For Nebraska and Penn State | Football | Hail Varsity

The two opponents this week are in different spots in developing the program. Franklin has had a lot of success at Penn State, so his team is trying to regain the momentum it had in the preseason. For Nebraska, Coach Scott Frost is trying to get his alma mater off the ground to become the program he once knew. No one is putting more pressure on the program to return to glory than Frost.

Mailbag: Assessing Nebraska’s Passing Game, Non-QB Runs, and More | Sports | Hail Varsity

Hail Varsity staff members Mike Babcock, Jacob Padilla, Greg Smith, Erin Sorensen and Brandon Vogel tackle your questions about the latest news in Husker Nation.

Padding the Stats: Nebraska Looking to Bounce Back in a Brutal Big Ten | Basketball | Hail Varsity

That is the conference in which Nebraska is trying to bounce back from a 7-25 season in Fred Hoiberg’s first year running the show. Six of the eight teams in the top 30 nationally saw at least one player voted to the preseason All-Big Ten Team as determined by a collection of conference media members.

Nebraska Basketball Signs Pair, Now Awaits For Word On Five-Star Bryce McGowens | Basketball | Omaha World-Herald

Nebraska men’s basketball already had one first on Wednesday: It signed a junior college sharpshooter dubbed “the Japanese Steph Curry.” NU will have to wait until Friday to find out if it achieves another first of signing at five-star prospect out of high school.

Husker Women’s Basketball Signs Another Competitor — And Markowski — In Their Top 25 Class | Basketball | Omaha World-Herald

COVID-19 has robbed Husker athletics of plenty, including multiple women’s basketball players from other states who had the same realization Markowski did, and stayed closer to their homes. In this case, the pandemic worked in NU’s favor as the Huskers landed the fifth and final piece of a top 25 recruiting class.

’Dream Team’? With Signing Class Full of Stars, Husker Volleyball in Good Hands Far Into Future | Volleyball | Omaha World-Herald

July 11, 2017. A circular table on the sixth floor of Memorial Stadium’s press box. Five nervous 14-year-old girls — still weeks away from their first day of high school — nibbling on Chick-fil-A sandwiches and engaging in awkward conversation. Finally, Husker volleyball coach John Cook got down to business. You guys are the future of Nebraska volleyball. If all of you become Huskers, I believe that we can win national championships. Plural.

Nebraska Volleyball Will Host Red-White Scrimmage on Thursday | Volleyball | Omaha World-Herald

Nebraska returns All-Americans Lauren Stivrins and Lexi Sun. Regulars Nicklin Hames — an honorable mention All-American — Kenzie Knuckles, Madi Kubik — Big Ten freshman of the year — Jazz Sweet and Callie Schwarzenbach are also back. And it will be the first glimpse of freshmen Kalynn Meyer from Superior, Anni Evans from Waverly and Keonilei Akana as well as Missouri transfer Kayla Caffey.

Husker Hoops Signs Two, and Could Get More Good News Friday as McGowens Decision Looms | Basketball | Lincoln Journal Star

Nebraska’s 2021 recruiting class picked up signatures from two players already committed to Fred Hoiberg and the Huskers.And there could be one more huge addition on the way. After getting national letters of intent from commits Keisei Tominaga and Wilhelm Breidenbach, Nebraska also learned Wednesday that Bryce McGowens, a five-star, top-25 national recruit, would choose between the Huskers and Georgia on Friday.

Sipple: The Case For McCaffrey; And Why Reaction to Husker Loss Isn’t Overreaction | Football | Lincoln Journal Star

In the passing game, McCaffrey made quicker decisions than Martinez. Once McCaffrey entered the game, the offense’s pace quickened. Ah, yes, a fast-paced offense. Remember that concept? Frost on Monday made a revealing comment in that regard. “Part of the reason we haven’t gone light speed around here is we didn’t want to leave the defense on the field that long,” the coach said.

Luke Reimer’s Strong Starting Debut Surprised Absolutely Nobody Who’s Worked With Him | Football | Lincoln Journal Star

If Luke Reimer hasn’t fully mastered the art of making a first impression, he at least has a growing reputation for it. The Nebraska sophomore inside linebacker’s eye-popping first collegiate start — a team-best 10 tackles, a sack and a forced fumble mixed in among several impressive plays — only served as the latest in a string of fast introductions. This one just came to a wider audience.


You Will Be Shocked At How Many Young Americans Say They’ve Never Seen a Cow In Person | Life | Travel and Leisure

The survey found a few obvious reasons why people may not feel satisfied, including four in ten (42%) Americans saying they’ve never visited another country, with 15% of young Americans saying they’ve never left the state that they were born. However, around one third of young Americans (33%) saying they’ve never had the simple joy of seeing a cow in real life.

Man Banned From Yellowstone After Rangers Catch Him Cooking Chickens In the Hot Springs | Travel | Travel and Leisure

Three suspects were cited in the Aug. 7 incident after a ranger received a report that a group of 10, including a child, were hiking towards the Shoshone Geyser Basin with cooking pots. They were found with two chickens in a sack, placed inside a hot spring.

Royal Caribbean Will Look For Volunteers For Series of ‘Trial Sailings’ | Travel | Travel and Leisure

The test cruises come after the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention lifted its “No-Sail” Order, allowing cruise lines in the U.S. to begin a “phased resumption of cruise ship operations.” As part of the process, cruise lines will have to complete simulated voyages to “test cruise ships’ ability to mitigate COVID-19 risk.”

This Is the First Cruise Ship to Have Its Own Coronavirus Testing Lab | Travel | Lonely Planet

The completion of the facility was announced onboard the Viking Star, which according to the company allows for large-scale testing capacity. Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) is a technique used to detect small segments of genetic material in samples, and shows the presence of an antigen, as opposed to the body’s immune response or antibodies.

YouTubers Put Mattress in Field to Create the ‘World’s Worst Airbnb’ – And Still Get Bookings | Travel | Lonely Planet

The prank saw them buying a mattress along with bedsheets and a pillow and placing it beneath a tree in the middle of a field and uploading it as a listing to Airbnb. They even went as far as collecting additional furniture like a bedside table and a lamp to “furnish” the experience and had two glasses of water on a tray to act as refreshments.

In The Age of the Travel Bubble, People Are Chartering Cruise Ships | Travel | Conde Nast Traveler

“Chartering boats allow travelers to have a smaller bubble, which many say they prefer at this time,” says Colleen McDaniel, editor-in-chief of Cruise Critic. “Plus, chartered cruises are incredibly customizable and private.”

How Medellin Plans to Become South America’s First Eco-City | Travel | Conde Nast Traveler

As part of the administration’s plan to turn Medellin into an eco-city, it has set a target of cutting carbon emissions by 20 percent by 2030. That would involve doubling the number of interconnected public transportation lines to 26 by 2030, expanding bike lanes by 50 percent in three years, plus adding 50,000 electric bikes available for rent to the public.

Newfoundland — Where You Can See The ‘Soul’ Of The Earth | Travel | BBC

The Tablelands is one of the few places on the planet where you can glimpse the “soul” of the Earth: its mantle, the deep layer of silicate rock found miles beneath the crust. This type of rock is rich in toxic metals and is inhospitable to most vegetation, which is why the Tablelands is so barren. In fact, compared with the rest of the lush Gros Morne National Park, the Tablelands sticks out like a sore thumb.

The Least British of the British Isles? | Travel | BBC

Strolling around Scilly after landing at the airport is like stepping into not-quite Britain. Just five of its islands are now inhabited, though you’ll spot relics of former settlements on several others.

Why Germans Love Getting Naked In Public | Travel | BBC

“Nudism has had a long tradition in Germany,” said Arnd Bauerkämper, associate professor of modern history at Freie University in Berlin. At the turn of the 20th Century, Lebensreform (“life reform”) was in the air, a philosophy that advocated for organic food, sexual liberation, alternative medicine and simpler living closer to nature.

What Happens When Sister Cities Break Up? | Travel | Atlas Obscura

But this sororal connection became strained in the fall of 2017, when a statue honoring “comfort women,” who were enslaved in Japanese brothels during World War II, was constructed in San Francisco. After a year of repeated threats, Osaka mayor Hirofumi Yoshimura sent a 10-page letter to San Francisco mayor London Breed in October 2018.

Where to Find Some of the World’s Best Chocolate | Travel | National Geographic

Cacao, the tree from which chocolate is derived, is part of the pungent, densely sprouting life force in the rainforest-carpeted slopes of Santa Rita, a small community in Ecuador’s northwestern Amazon. It’s a place rich with potential—if you have the know-how. In recent years the ways in which farms in Santa Rita produce cacao have changed dramatically.

Interesting Reads

Alex Trebek Was More Than a Game Show Host. He Was Family | Culture | The Ringer

It’s a long-standing joke among former Jeopardy! contestants: The first thing anyone wants to know is “What is Alex Trebek like?” How a contestant did, what they spent their winnings on, and what it was like to compete on the most beloved game show — and perhaps just show, plain and simple — on television: All of that was beside the point.

Top Ten Emerging Technologies of 2020 | Technology | Scientific American

one of this year’s Top 10 Emerging Technologies—COVID-19 vaccines might have been developed even faster, saving untold lives. Soon virtual clinical trials could be a reality for testing new vaccines and therapies. Other technologies on the list could reduce greenhouse gas emissions by electrifying air travel and enabling sunlight to directly power the production of industrial chemicals.

Three Ideas For How to Live a Fuller Life | Culture | BBC

But coming to terms with death is easier said than done. One of the secrets for doing so is not to spend hours contemplating visions of the Grim Reaper, but to reimagine our relationship with time itself. Here are three ideas for doing so that offer the unexpected prospect of existential sustenance.

For Sale: The Entire Spycraft Collection of New York’s KGB Museum | Espionage | Atlas Obscura

The list of items featured in the sale—which extends to the Cuban Revolution, and includes Che Guevara’s high school report card—reads less like a historical catalog than the inventory of a Hollywood prop shop. Take, for starters, a ring outfitted with invisible cameras.

Mysterious Radio Signal Spotted In Milky Way Galaxy For First Time | Science | National Geographic

In three studies published in Nature, an international group of scientists identified the blast as a fast radio burst, an extremely intense flash of radio waves that lasts no more than a few milliseconds. Now we know that at least one source is likely an exotic stellar object called a magnetar: a type of young neutron star left over after a large star explodes that has an extremely powerful magnetic field.

One Of Jupiter’s Icy Moons May Glow In The Dark | Science | National Geographic

The team tested ice laced with a variety of different salts thought to linger on Europa’s surface, discovering that the precise composition influences the intensities of colors that make up the glow. That means if Europa’s surface does glow, future missions could study the light from the moon’s nighttime side to help decipher its complex chemistry.

Last But Not Least

Today is the 50th anniversary of this masterpiece. “The blast blasted blubber beyond all believable bounds.”