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Big Red Cobcast Ep. 336: Has Nebraska Football Become 1999 Indiana?

Nebraska has played Penn State plenty of times before. And each time it felt like a big game. That’s no different this week, but for wholly different reasons.

Both teams need a W, and we need it just for our damn sanity. I live in a multi-story house for the first time in ages, and on Saturday, I felt like using the second-floor exit.

I’m not gonna lie. I wanted to quit doing the Big Red Cobcast after this weekend’s game. We’ve been doing this podcast about seven years, and after a certain amount of time seeing the same results, it wasn’t feeling fun.

And let’s continue with the honesty: it hasn’t been fun. At least not on gamedays for the past five years.

But it sure as hell can be fun, and listening to Joe and Tweedy challenge each other to a fight was exactly the remedy I needed on Sunday. So we’re going to keep putting foot in front of the other because you know what? This podcast is therapy for battered and bruised Husker fans. Also, I think my optimism is slowly coming back. Oh God, I’m about to be disappointed again, aren’t I?

If you want to listen to the podcast that made me feel better on Sunday, all you have to do is click the little play button above.

And once you’re done listening to this week’s episode, you’re going to need some more content to fill the long space between today and Saturday’s game. You can do that by catching up on all 336 of our past episodes here.

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