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Five Heart Podcast Episode 197: Laughing at Teams Actually Playing Football

We’re almost there, folks. But in the meantime, let’s make fun of Oklahoma and Florida State.

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NCAA Football: Oklahoma at Iowa State Brian Powers-USA TODAY Sports

This week on the Five Heart Podcast, Jon, Greg, Todd, and Nate take a few jabs at the likes of Oklahoma and Florida State because one is not good and the other is absolute garbage.

Also, for “Run The Damn Ball” Guy, we discuss if you’d be willing to trade the traditional Nebraska running game (which we haven’t seen for awhile anyway) for marks in the win column. It’s a no-brainer, but for some reason, every year, we still have “Run the Damn Ball” Guy.

Also, the guys talk about a recent press conference where Coach Mario Verduzco said, in regards to the quarterback battle, that “the best quarterback will play.” So the debate went on as to how long of a leash a starter would receive and if there are different sets of rules for Ohio State versus, say, a Northwestern.

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