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Frosted Flakes: The Irony of Children

When we see ourselves in our children, it’s not always the most flattering.

DENVER ,CO—OCTOBER 17TH 2010— Pee Wee football player, James Gonzales, 6-years-old, outside of Invesco Field at Mile High for “Orange Sunday” Sunday afternoon before the game against the New York Jets. Andy Cross, The Denver Post Photo By Andy Cross/The Denver Post via Getty Images

My oldest son is now well into his flag football season. He’s doing well and I am proud of the growth that he has shown.

While saying that, he is also the kid that’s spinning in the backfield or staring at the birds flying south, while he’s supposed to be getting set up.

This lack of focus drives me CRAZY. I was never an amazing athlete, but I was always focused on what I was doing. And I know, he’s only six, it could still happen, but I’m not so sure.

A few weeks ago during one of his games, my husband turns to look at me and says, “He’s got too much of me in him.” And that my friends is why I think this level of focus is all we get. It’s all my husband’s fault.

His younger brother is another story. He likes to ask during most games and practices if he can get something to eat and tell me how hungry he is. This is me. This child definitely has too much of me in him.

Now on to your flakes so I can have a snack.


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