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Frosted Flakes: Fat Bear Week Means One Week Closer to Husker Football!!

An ode to eight-man football, a beloved Husker figure retires and your poodle should be groomed like a skeleton

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Alaska outdoors Brent Frazee/Kansas City Star/Tribune News Service via Getty Images

We have definitely reached fall here on the ranch. The garden had to be covered one night earlier this week. I tried to dig sweet potatoes in one corner where the sprinklers don’t reach. We are entering drought conditions in this part of the state and the soil is hard and packed.

I decided those sweet potatoes get to stay where they are.

I almost hate to put this in writing, but the weather we have had for our little town’s football games has been amazing. We play 8-man football. This year’s team doesn’t have many burly lineman (actually, we really only have one and he’s a sophomore and too kind-hearted to push people around.) Ranchhand 3 is a freshman on said team. He is getting a bit of work on the JV squad, with the hopes that he can develop into a rush end on defense and a pulling guard on offense (he is currently 5’10” and 135 lbs).

The lack of “beef” means I have been watching our 8-man football team line up at 3-wide for a significant chunk of the varsity season. Our center is a 170 lb sophomore. A player who is 6’2” and 225 lbs and probably would be relegated to line play on most 8-man teams is being used as a move tight end and is increasingly lined up out wide. Our best wideout is a kid who has run cross country for most of high school and is now playing football as a junior. I won’t give your the height/weights of the running back and full back, but rest assured that they are not big guys. The quarterback and other best running back (yes, we have two RBs) are brothers and extremely talented athletes.

We all know that the passing game in 8-man football is an adventure.

But, damn, it can be fun when it works more than a few times a game.

Our little town’s team is the kind that is fun to watch, win or lose. They are winning (and winning big for the most part). Football is supposed to be entertainment, and watching kids being turned loose to do things they want to try is fun. Watching them succeed in making this play or that play is what high school sports should be all about.

Frosted Flakes

Andy Hoffman, father of Jack Hoffman, retiring from law firm - NORTHEAST - NEWS CHANNEL NEBRASKA
An open house will be held in Atkinson on Thursday, October 8, as Hoffman hands the reins of his law firm over to Brent Kelly.

We send our best wishes and prayers and thoughts and whatever else we can send. The Hoffman family has brought so much joy to Husker Nation amid so much personal struggle.

Nebraska Huskers football: Jurgens finally settled in as NU’s man in the middle
Last September may as well have been five years ago as far as Cam Jurgens is concerned.

‘I was one of the lucky ones’: Scott Frost remembers dad as Nebraska opens camp – The Athletic
The coach discusses the long road to play in 2020. And he’s not complaining about the schedule: “I don’t think beggars can be choosers.”

No Struggle, No Story - Patrick Cacciatorie, Nebraska Men’s Tennis
It wasn’t until I realized that I wasn’t alone that things started to get better. Discovering that others in the world were dealing with similar struggles was the...

I am really liking this new series from Nebraska Athletics. It resembles the style in the publication “The Players Tribune”

In this week’s edition of “On this Day,” we look back to Oct. 3, 1981 when Auburn traveled to play Nebraska in Lincoln.
In this week’s edition of “On this Day,” we look back to Oct. 3, 1981 when Auburn traveled to play Nebraska in Lincoln.

Frost: Huskers’ depth could be tested by COVID-19 protocols, but NU grateful to be playing | National |
The head coach said some position groups are better equipped to handle virus-related absences than others.

Sportsin’ Stuff Outside the 402/308

Is The SEC Ready For The Air Raid? Mike Leach Sure Thinks So. | FiveThirtyEight
The earliest introduction to the pass-first ways of the future for college football’s premier conference came in 1997. Downtrodden Kentucky, fresh off seven sea…

During Fat Bear Week, bears compete in a battle of the bulge | Live Science
Who will be the chonkiest bear of all? As bears in Alaska’s Katmai National Park bulk up for winter, rangers invite the public to select one thicc beauty as the favored fattest.

In 2020, this qualifies as a sport.

The Browns-Cowboys game was a beautiful mess -
Cleveland put up 49 points on the Cowboys to win a super fun game in Week 4.

Cincinnati Bengals: Joe Burrow notches first win, Joe Mixon breaks out
Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow had more than 300 passing yards for the third consecutive week, marking an all-time best for NFL rookies.

I’ve Got Some Things to Say. Let’s Do a WNBA Finals Preview. | By Megan Rapinoe
I’m just a girl in a Wubble dating her local team’s point guard.

The Things I’ll Never Forget | By Barry Sanders
I used to almost fall asleep on the bench during games.

Swiss Skydiver upsets Authentic to become sixth filly to win Preakness Stakes
Swiss Skydiver beat favored Authentic in a stretch duel to become the sixth filly to win the Preakness Stakes.

Girl Power!

More Noise and Other Disturbances

Crafty Wartime Spies Put Codes Right Into Their Knitting | HowStuffWorks
Knitting socks and hats for 'our troops' was a time-honored tradition during wartime. But spies found a way to use that innocent pastime to transmit vital information.

That is the ultimate sneaky way to code.

Romanian villagers re-elect mayor despite his COVID-19 death | Strange AP |
BUCHAREST, Romania (AP) — After handing Ion Aliman victory in the election for their local mayor, residents of a small village in southern Romania went to his grave to light

American faces prison in Thailand over bad hotel review | World news | The Guardian
Wesley Barnes sued by resort owner after posting negative comments on Tripadvisor...


Kroger Gave a Job to Homeless Woman Who Slept in Their Parking Lot: 'I Wish We Had 120 Like Her!'
LaShenda Williams has gone from sleeping in the parking lot of a Tennessee Krogers to working there. Now she has a home, and a work 'family.'

I’m not crying. You’re crying.

How Albert Einstein's Brain Worked | HowStuffWorks
Einstein's brain gave the world a wealth of knowledge. But besides the thoughts, what's in Einstein's brain itself? Thomas Harvey set out to find out.

Stealing a brain sounds like a zombie apocalypse, no?

Einstein’s Description of Gravity Just Got Much Harder to Beat | University of Arizona News
Einstein’s theory of general relativity has withstood over 100 years of scrutiny and testing, including the newest test from the Event Horizon Telescope collaboration, led by UArizona astrophysicists.

Speaking of Einstein...

People With Neanderthal Genes May Have Higher Risk of Severe Covid-19 Cases, Finds Study
It is estimated that about 2% of DNA in people of European and Asian descent can be traced back to Neanderthals.

Cross your fingers and hope you aren’t a cave man (and yes, I know that Neanderthals are much smarter than they are given credit for.)

Discovery enables adult skin to regenerate like a newborn’s | WSU Insider | Washington State University
When it was activated in specialized cells in adult mice, their skin was able to heal wounds without scarring. The reformed skin even included fur and could make goose bumps, an ability that is lost in adult human scars.

Smooth as a baby’s butt.

I couldn’t resist.

Steve Irwin's rare and remarkable bum-breathing turtle 'smack bang' on site of proposed Urannah Dam - ABC News
A turtle named after famed naturalist Steve Irwin that has the ability to breathe through its bum may be under threat from the proposed $4 billion Urannah Dam.

Maybe I should have included this in the section ‘below’

Another Week - Another Poop Article

There was a ‘run’ on shitty articles this week.

NASA is launching a 23-million-dollar toilet into space tonight
NASA is launching a new and improved toilet to the International Space Station, better fit for longer space flights to the Moon.

A Man Cycled From Poo Poo Point, Washington to Pee Pee Creek, Ohio | Mental Floss
How far would you go for a cheap joke? One guy cycled 69 miles a day for over a month. But he had reasons beyond a punchline.

The Fountain of Youth - Is Poo?
Fecal transplants could one day be used as a therapy to restore cognitive function in the elderly

AGA releases largest real-world report on safety and effectiveness of fecal microbiota transplantation (FMT)
The registry reported that fecal microbiota transplant led to a cure of Clostridioides difficile (C. difficile) infection in 90% of patients across 20 North American FMT practice sites. Few serious side effects were reported.

If you have chronic gas, diarrhea, or intestinal discomfort, this study applies to you!

Fecal transplantation can restore the gut microbiota of C-section babies | University of Helsinki
Researchers demonstrated that the intestinal microbiota development can be restored by postnatal, orally-delivered transplantation of maternal fecal microbiota.

C-section babies don’t get the benefit of sliding through a microbial soup in the birth canal

Predicting the Next Plague

Naked prehistoric monsters! Evidence that prehistoric flying reptiles probably had feathers refuted | News | University of Portsmouth
The debate about when dinosaurs developed feathers has taken a new turn with a paper refuting earlier claims that feathers were also found on dinosaurs’ relatives...

You had me at ‘naked prehistoric monsters!’

Time Travel Theoretically Possible Without Leading To Paradoxes, Researchers Say : NPR
"The past is obdurate," Stephen King wrote in his book about a man who goes back in time to prevent the Kennedy assassination. "It doesn't want to be changed."

It’s 2020. There will be a paradox. Oh, there. will. be. a. paradox.

Then There’s This

Owners groom poodle to look like spooky skeleton for Halloween
Zeus the poodle was groomed by his owners to look like a skeleton for Halloween.

How to get away with murder: the real story of a hit man.
No one expected Jose Martinez was capable of murder.

Have a great week Corn Nation!