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Week 2 COVID-19 College Football Predictions

Well, we’ll pick a few games that hopefully won’t get cancelled.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: OCT 03 Oklahoma State at Kansas Photo by Scott Winters/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Mike: Well, last week was fun while it lasted.

Patrick: Anyone have another team or teams they are rooting for other than Nebraska? Let us know in the comments. Also, give us why you’re rooting for them.

Jill: I have a lot of garden cleanup that didn’t get done before “football” season started. I guess I get to continue destroying mouse habitat.

Andy: Don’t think for a second if Michigan or Ohio St. needs a game that the B1G won’t quickly announce “due to new medical information, we have decided to revisit the no non-conference games policy”.

Northwestern (+2.5) at Iowa

Patrick: Not sure if this will be worth watching. University of Iowa 9 Northwestern University 3

Jill: Patrick hates competent football. But he isn’t wrong to think this one will be a boring affair. Iowa will do their largely mistake-free form of football gaining 4.5 yards/play while Northwestern will also play largely disciplined football, but make one more mistake than the Hawkeyes. Iowa 16 Northwestern 12

Mike: I’m probably going to be guilty of reading too much into the first week of the season, but I came away much more impressed with Northwestern than Iowa. Northwestern SIGNIFICANTLY upgraded at quarterback this season, while Iowa is kind of muddling around. NW 31, Wegia 23

Andy: “Wake me up before I snore-snore
Don’t leave me hanging because this game is a bore-bore”
Vultures 17 Scholars 13

Indiana (-11) at Rutgers

Patrick: Indiana is a good team once again and are well coached. Rutgers will fall back to earth. Indiana University 42 Rutgers University 23

Jill: Yep, both teams are feeling their oats after Week 1 wins. I’ll be cheering for Noah Vedral but picking the Hoosiers. Indiana 38 Rutgers 24

Mike: Indiana’s upset of Penn State certainly didn’t show up on the stat sheet. Penn State outgained Indiana 488-211, and the 3-2 turnover advantage by Indiana doesn’t explain things. Indiana got all of the press, but I think Rutgers had the bigger win last week. This week too! BUTTGERS 34, Indiana 28

Andy: I’m not completely sold on Schiano and Vedral yet but for reasons mentioned by Mike and a possible Indiana upset letdown week, I’m going to roll with the Rutgers mo’. Did the B1G do us a favor by pulling the Scarlet from our schedule? Rutgers 36 Indiana 30

Purdue (-7) at Illinois

Patrick: Might watch this just to see how Purdue is doing this year. Purdue University 27 University of Illinois 23

Jill: If this game happens at all, I think this spread is way too low, even though Illinois has shown signs of life in the past year, I’m picking the Boilers. Purdue 28 Illinois 14

Mike: Illinois was really bad last week, while Purdue looked good even without Rondale Moore. Moore’s availability is probably a 7-10 point factor in this. If Rondale plays, go ahead and add 10 to my Purdue point prediction. There was some internet rumormongering that Illinois had a COVID-19 outbreak, but nothing seems to be following up that single solitary tweet. So I’m setting that aside. Boilers 31, Illini 14.

Andy: I’m also throwing a Rondale Parallel Contingency into my pick. Illinois bounces back 27-20 but if Moore plays, make it 33-23 Purdue. That is if the game is played

Ohio State (-12) at Penn State

Patrick: I can’t imagine this not being a good game. My far of aspirational goal for Nebraska right now is to meet Ohio State once again the B1G championship game. Ohio State University 23 Pennsylvania State University 17

Jill: Imagine the wailing and gnashing of teeth if Penn State falls to 0-2. The Buckeye fans seem a little worried about their run game after Week 1, but with Fields and the passing game operating at such a high level, they have some cushion to get it figured out. Buckeyes 40 PSU 21

Mike: Penn State will bounce back just fine in this game, but Ohio State looks like a juggernaut destined for the playoffs. COVID negates the home field advantage from a White Out in Happy Valley. Ohio State 45, Penn State 31

Andy: Bend over, Penn State, here it comes again. Buckeyes 44 Rape U 20

Wisconsin (COVID-19) at Nebraska

Patrick: Wisconsin made the right decision. It stinks, but they did what was best for both teams.

Jill: I hope everyone affected recovers completely. I wish there was a Husker game to watch this weekend, but I’m glad to keep the virus out of One Memorial. Unscheduled bye 100 Husker fans 0

Mike: With Wisconsin down to their fourth-string quarterback, I definitely saw a chance for the Huskers this week. Wiscy wasn’t going to burn Nebraska deep like Ohio State could, even if the Huskers were going to be down two of their best defenders in the secondary in the first half. But could Nebraska’s linebackers maintain coverage on the Wisconsin tight ends? That might have been the matchup to watch. If they would have played, Huskers 31, Badgers 27.

Andy: Since I think playing this season is stupid anyway, I’m not going to crap on Wisconsin for showing caution. And regarding internet speculation they bagged the game because of their QB situation, I’ll just say I believe Barry Alvarez is too much of a stand-up guy to ever put up with that.

Oh well, between the rescheduled/cancelled hurricane games at UCF, the Akron thunderstorm and now this, Scott Frost is due for a break. Let’s keep strapping on the pads, play the games they allow us and the ship turned.