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Saturday Morning Thread of Anticipation

Get your butts ready for fun today!

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Husker Cheerleader

This is your morning thread of anticipation!

Let’s get together, you sunsabitches. It’s time.

I Have A Book Out!

My memoir - Been Dead, Never Been To Europe - is available for pre-order.

A Story of Resilience

Jon Johnston was an active, healthy adult when he dropped dead suddenly of a widowmaker heart attack. He was not expected to live, after being dead for more than 20 minutes, but if he did survive, his brain would forever be damaged due to oxygen deprivation.Alternating between humor, sadness, and anger at his body’s betrayal, Jon takes us with him as he puts his life back together. At the beginning, he sees the trauma as a minor inconvenience and expects a speedy recovery. As he realizes the damage to his heart is permanent, he is hit with another setback when he is diagnosed with a traumatic brain injury, leaving him with memory loss, debilitating headaches, and a loss of identity. Tasks that had been trivial had become onerous endeavors, and his life became an unexpected challenge.

Been Dead, Never Been to Europe offers a real-life view of what it takes to rebuild after a devastating event, to accept an unexpected present and future, and to discover a new identity. Been Dead, Never Been to Europe will appeal to readers who seek memoirs of resilience, and to those whose own lives have been affected by unexpected trauma.

Let’s Stay In Touch!


Saturday Games

Saturday Games!

Game Time Channel
Game Time Channel
Auburn at Ole Miss 11:00 AM SEC Network / ESPN Video
Florida State at Louisville 11:00 AM ECE / FSN / ACC RSN / espn3 Video (blackouts) / FSGo
Georgia Southern at Coastal Carolina 11:00 AM ESPNU / ESPN Video
Kansas at Kansas State 11:00 AM FS1 / FSGo
Mercer at Army 11:00 AM CBSSN / CBS Video
Nebraska at Ohio State 11:00 AM FOX (cable) / FOX Video / 4K on DTV 106
NC State at North Carolina 11:00 AM ESPN / ESPN Video
Oklahoma at TCU 11:00 AM ABC (cable) / espn3 Video
Rutgers at Michigan State 11:00 AM BTN / FOX Video
Syracuse at Clemson 11:00 AM ACC Network / ESPN Video
Southern Miss at Liberty 12:00 PM ESPN Extra / espn3 Video
Abilene Christian at Stephen F. Austin 12:30 PM ESPN Extra / espn3 Video
Florida Atlantic at Marshall 1:30 PM FSN / Stadium (affiliates) / FSGo Video
Tulane at UCF 1:00 PM ESPN2 / ESPN Video
Central Arkansas at Eastern Kentucky 2:00 PM ESPN Extra / espn3 Video
Alabama at Tennessee 2:30 PM CBS (cable) / CBS Video
Baylor at Texas 2:30 PM ESPN / ESPN Video / SkyCam Video
Houston at Navy 2:30 PM CBSSN / CBS Video
Iowa at Purdue 2:30 PM BTN / FOX Video
Iowa State at Oklahoma State 2:30 PM FOX (cable) / FOX Video
MTSU at Rice 2:30 PM ESPN Extra / espn3 Video
Notre Dame at Pittsburgh 2:30 PM ABC (cable) / espn3 Video / 4K on DTV 107
Penn State at Indiana 2:30 PM FS1 / FSGo
Virginia Tech at Wake Forest 2:30 PM ECE / FSN / ACC RSN / espn3 Video (blackouts) / FSGo
Chattanooga at Western Kentucky 3:00 PM ESPN Extra / espn3 Video
Georgia State at Troy 3:00 PM ESPNU / ESPN Video
Georgia Tech at Boston College 3:00 PM ACC Network / ESPN Video
Kentucky at Missouri 3:00 PM SEC Network / ESPN Video
West Virginia at Texas Tech 4:30 PM ESPN2 / ESPN Video
Utah State at Boise State 6:00 PM FS1 / FSGo
South Carolina at LSU 6:00 PM ESPN / ESPN Video
Wyoming at Nevada 6:00 PM CBSSN / CBS Video
Maryland at Northwestern 6:30 PM BTN / FOX Video
Michigan at Minnesota 6:30 PM ABC (cable) / espn3 Video / SkyCast Video
Louisiana Tech at UTSA 7:00 PM ESPNU / ESPN Video
Virginia at Miami 7:00 PM ACC Network / ESPN Video
Cincinnati at SMU 8:00 PM ESPN2 / ESPN Video
Texas State at BYU 9:15 PM ESPN / ESPN Video
Air Force at San Jose State 9:30 PM FS1 / FSGo
UNLV at San Diego State 9:30 PM CBSSN / CBS Video