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Of Bangarangs And Daggers Episode 60: Five Star Recruits and Schedule Speculation

We rejoice at the prospect a 5-star prospect is considering the Huskers, and wildly speculate on who Nebraska will play and where in the Big Ten schedule.

Nebraska v Iowa Photo by Matthew Holst/Getty Images

Kevin, Patrick, and Nate are back at it again as the Three Man Weave reunites to bring you the latest Nebrasketball news and speculation. But first, we rejoice in muted fashion the looming return of Big Ten football this weekend! It is a great distraction during the long 40 or so days left until the return of college hoops.

As for the episode, we discuss the most recent Husker basketball offer. Additionally, Nebraska is in the top-five for a five-star recruit in the 2021 class! Yes, that’s right, Nebraska is both in the top-five for such a highly rated prospect (if he commits and signs, he would be basketball’s first five star ever and Nebraska’s first in football or basketball since 2005), and even has a crystal ball prediction in for the Huskers! Quite the exciting time for Nebrasketball fans especially, even if he doesn’t end up deciding to come to Lincoln.

After that, Kevin spends a very, very long time speculating on the Nebraska conference schedule that is unlikely to be released for another two weeks at minimum. Patrick and Nate also join him in sharing their thoughts on confidence levels about a non-conference season happening for basketball first, though. Let us know in the comments who you hope the Huskers might draw for home/away and who they might face just once! In the meantime, that’s a wrap on this episode and we hope you enjoy it.

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