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Big Red Cobcast: Game Week!

The Big Red Cobcast guys are here to make predictions, bold statements and make gestures of resentment toward one another

Alright. Here we go. Take a deep breath. This could be really good or really bad.

That’s both a description of this week’s game against Ohio State and the weekly mantra for the Big Red Cobcast.

We’ve got predictions. We’ve got trash talking. We’ve got debates about whose done less with more this century (Ohio State? Texas? USC? Nebraska???). We’ve got borderline ageism when talking about Nebraska fans and social media. We’ve got EVERYTHING.

So embrace the Big Red Cobcast and listen to it by clicking the button below!

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And once you’re done listening to this week’s episode, you’re going to need some more content to fill the empty space between now and October 24. You can do that by catching up on all 332 of our past episodes here.

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