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Jon’s Postlife Crisis: Tyler Hunt of Bucky’s 5th Quarter - How ‘Bout Those Wisconsin Badgers

Second game of the season. Will Nebraska be ready?

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: NOV 09 Iowa at Wisconsin Photo by Lawrence Iles/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Tyler Hunt of the SBNation Wisconsin site Bucky’s 5th Quarter joins me this episode to talk about the 2020 Wisconsin Badgers football team.

Tyler and I discuss:

  • Starting quarterback Jack Coan is out indefinitely. Who replaces Coan and will he be effective?
  • Will the Wisconsin offense change this season?
  • The next star Badger running back
  • Badger offense
  • Badger defense - especially the secondary
  • His outsider’s perspective on Nebraska

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Jon Johnston: Welcome to Jon’s PostLife Crisis, I am your host, Jon Johnston founder and manager of, your Nebraska Cornhuskers site of unbelievable potential. This episode, we welcome, Tyler Hunt, contributor and podcaster with Bucky’s Fifth Quarter, the SB Nation Wisconsin site. We’re going to talk about Badger football. The Wisconsin Badgers have won seven in a row against our beloved Huskers. Nebraska has beaten Wisconsin exactly once since joining the Big Ten, and Wisconsin returned that favor by showing up with an offense to the Big Ten championship that nobody had seen before and annihilated a Bo Pelini defense, crushing our hopes and dreams and smashing us into the ground. And everybody wept and bled real blood. And it was horrible.

Tyler Hunt: Tyler, what do you think of that intro?

Tyler Hunt: That was one of the better ones I’ve gotten. Any time you can bring up that Big Ten championship, I’m sure it’s a sore spot for you guys.

Tyler Hunt: But for us, that brings back some fond memories of of some some talented players and some some great some great memories in Indianapolis, which is that back then it was a lot better because now our recent trips to Indianapolis have been kind of that same nightmare version of things that you guys had that time.

Jon Johnston: That’s a very diplomatic response. The Wisconsin Badgers 20 20 version. Jack Coan is out. Your starting quarterback. Now, what happens.

Tyler Hunt: The reigns get turned over to Graham Mertz. The Graham Mertz experience is starting. Not a year early in my regard. I think he’s ready to play now. But everyone was kind of thinking, you know, of pre covid, Jack Coan comes in, finishes off his senior season, Mertz takes over as a redshirt sophomore next year. It all works out. And unfortunately, nothing works that easy, especially in 2020. So now it’s it’s Mertz’s turn.

Tyler Hunt: And I think he brings a little bit more to the table. I think he’s got a very high ceiling. Yeah. I think you know what you get with Jack Coan. I think Mertz is still a little bit of a wild card, but if he plays up to his potential, it could be it could be something special at the quarterback position.

Jon Johnston: You have a brand new quarterback basically. Is Coan out for the season?

Tyler Hunt: I believe so. They they’ve said indefinitely and all the and all the pressers. And that’s pretty much all you’re going to get from Paul Chryst and his staff is an indefinite.

Jon Johnston: So we’ve got a brand new quarterback, Jonathan Taylor is gone. No doubt you guys have another. Do you have another back as good as Jonathan Taylor?

Tyler Hunt: I wouldn’t say as good as Jonathan Taylor, it’s hard, it’s going to be hard to be as good as him, I think this year it’ll be more of by committee approach.

Tyler Hunt: I mean, they’ve got a guy that’s played a lot in Garret Groshek. They’ve got Nakia Watson, a guy that’s coming back and has some potential there. Younger guys. The next probably really talented kid is a freshman by the name of Jalen Berger, came from kind of the same area as Jonathan Taylor. Four Star Kid, that he could get a little run this year, especially with the lack of redshirt rules. You can kind of develop him and do it as you see fit.

Jon Johnston: Does this point to Wisconsin airing it out more?

Tyler Hunt: I think it could. I definitely think it could. I thought originally they would throw the ball a little bit more anyway. And I think with Graham Mertz and you’ve got some seniors on your receiving corps, you got four seniors and some talented younger guys that I think if they wanted to, it’s going to be it’s still going to be pulling teeth to get Wisconsin to not run the ball predominantly. That’s always going to be their bread and butter. But I think you could see a little bit more of an air attack this year, so.

Jon Johnston: Who are the receivers? Quinton Cephus is gone. He was the guy I like watching and I admitted that I like watching Wisconsin.

Tyler Hunt: Yeah, he has departed. You’ve got Danny Davis back, Kendric Pryor, both of those guys are seniors. And then you’ve got Jack Dunn and Adam Krumholz or guys have played a lot of special teams, haven’t played a lot at receiver, but they’re seniors. And then the young guy that everyone’s excited about is early enrolling freshmen by the name of Chimere Dike, a speedster that they, I think is going to get some run early on as a freshman.

Jon Johnston: Tight end?

Tyler Hunt: Tight end, that one, that one’s easy, it’s Barry Alvarez grandson. Jake Ferguson is going to be fine. I think he’ll probably be your leading receiver at the end of the year. Coan and him had a good connection. I don’t know who’s going to be that. Go to guy.

I mean, last year it was Coan and Cephus. Or Coan and Ferguson. This year it’s going to be a little bit different because you’ve got a new quarterback, you’ve got a new receiver. So Jake Ferguson is definitely your starter, but behind him is probably the question mark start to arise a little bit. Wisconsin likes to run two, three tight ends at a time sometimes. So you’re going to need a couple of younger guys to definitely step up. So.

Jon Johnston: I want to say I hate the Wisconsin tight end, so let’s say I respect the Wisconsin Titans. Fair enough. And so basically what you’re saying is you’ve got a young speedster that could draw the field you or set the field and make everybody play back a little bit, and then you still have them damn tight ends that are going to come in and make all the big catches.

Tyler Hunt: Yeah.

Jon Johnston: Your offense, really. Do we see a lot of changes in your offense? I mean, I asked earlier about if you’re going to throw the ball more, but are we going to see really the same offense that we’ve always seen?

Tyler Hunt: I think so. I mean, I think Wisconsin does well of knowing what they are good at and knowing what they are bad at. And I think you’ll definitely have a situation where they’ll throw out a little bit more.I think you’ve got to figure some things out. It’s still a new quarterback, Graham Mertz, I think is the most talented recruit they’ve ever landed at that position. But there’s still a work in progress. So that’s going to be something that they’re going to have to look out for.

Jon Johnston: And offensive line is Wisconsin are pretty. You have big guys and depth.

Tyler Hunt: Yeah, big guys and guys that have played a lot. They actually got a little lucky. They got a sixth year guy back in Jon Dietzen. He got a six year of eligibility last year. He was battling through injuries. So he’s back.

Tyler Hunt: That’ll that’ll really help.

Jon Johnston: You always have a good offensive line. Let’s switch to the defense, I mean, well, before we do that, any weakness whatsoever in the offense, new quarterback, new running back?

Tyler Hunt: The weakness will be the collection of the new faces. I mean, you look at it, new quarterback running back, new essentially you lost your top receiver and you’ve lost your center Tyler Biadasz. Another guy that was off, he’s with the Dallas Cowboys now. So he was your three year starter in front of Jonathan Taylor kind of paving the way. I think that’ll be that’ll be part of it. Who ends up as the five linemen and what combo of guys you come up with? It’s still Wisconsin line. So I still think they’re going to be pretty solid. But I think just the lack of new faces at all the different positions is going to create maybe some I don’t want to say rust, but there’s going to be growing pains. I think at times you don’t have Jonathan Taylor to lean on anymore. So some other guys are going to have to step up. And I think that’ll probably be offensively the weakness is just finding continuity with all these new faces.

Jon Johnston: So switching to defense, let’s start at the line again. How is your defensive line?

Tyler Hunt: The defensive line is probably one of the strength, which is not something you normally say for Wisconsin. They’ve got to defensive ends that are really solid seniors and Garrett Rand and Isaiah Loudermilk. I think the concern with them is they battled through injuries a lot in their career. If they go down, you’re going to have they’ve got some depth there. But those two are are really key pieces. Nose tackle. They’ve got a young true sophomore this year in Keeanu Benton who kind of came out of nowhere last year as a as a freshman and played a lot. And I think he’ll be a guy that they bring back. And as long as he avoids a sophomore slump, I think that defensive line could be pretty solid. And Jim Leonard, 3-4, defensive line is essentially for those three is taken on blocks and open things up for the outside linebackers to get pressure. So if those three can do that, it should it should really help the defense a lot.

Jon Johnston: How’s your linebacking corps and your secondary? I know that your secondary is probably going to be one of the best in the nation.

Tyler Hunt: Yeah, I like the secondary a lot. They did get kind of a tough blow. Eric Burrell is one of your safeties, and he’ll I think he’ll be in all conference player. I think he is as talented as there is. But the other safety, Reggie Pearson, is out this season not with an injury. It’s sounds like some sort of a personal matter or injury that they haven’t given much info on, but he was not cleared medically to play. So that’ll be a tough one to lose because he was kind of a hard hitter. I don’t remember the the Michigan game he got he got that targeting penalty last year that got him tossed out of the game. He’s a guy that’ll lay the wood. So coming back, is Scott Nelson off of injury. He was out all last year. He’ll be your other safety. But what you get from him is probably going to be you know, he was great his freshman year, but he still hasn’t played in over a year and almost 13 months. So it’s going to be a challenge for that. But the corners are solid. I really like what they’ve got in the secondary at that cornerback position. So I think the biggest question mark for the defense is going to be the outside linebackers especially. That’ll be the area that I think is is probably the biggest concern for for a Badger fan right now.

Jon Johnston: Oh, well, that’s exactly where Nebraska is going to exploit the most. [Laughing]

Tyler Hunt: There you go. They got the inside guys. They got Jack Sanborn, who’s a who’s a beast, and they’ve got a young guy, Leo Chenal, who’s played a little bit as he played as a true freshman. But outside linebacker, they’ve got some guys that have played, but some guys that are really going to have to to step up and have a bigger impact because, you know, you don’t have Zack Baun, on Chris Orr those are two big linebackers that you’re going to have to replace. And I don’t know if there’s a guy there right now that can quite replace what those guys brought

Jon Johnston: Special teams, I always forget to cover special teams.

Tyler Hunt: Special teams, I hope they’re better because last year was pretty bad at times. I mean, you think to the Big Ten championship and the Rose Bowl, the fumbled punts kind of flipped those games. And I think you can see sometimes people don’t pay attention to special teams.

Tyler Hunt: But Wisconsin had had two pretty glaring plays last year. Punt return, a kick return. They’ve got some guys, the young freshman that we talked about as receiver could be a kick returner, have to replace Aron Cruickshank, who was that guy last year. He transferred over to Rutgers. So that’ll be a loss. But Wisconsin on special teams is never going to wow you. They’re not, you know, not making big plays on special teams. Normally punt returns, almost always a fair catch. So it’s just more about limiting the colossal mistakes that they had last year because those were those are ingrained in Badger fans minds forever as a painful memory for sure.

Jon Johnston: So you guys start out with Illinois, the first Big Ten game, isn’t it, on Friday night, a week from today. [This was recorded on Friday, obviously.]

Tyler Hunt: It’s exciting. Of course, there won’t be people in Camp Randall, but it’s exciting to have football back there. But it definitely is nerve wracking. Illinois is a team that, of course, disrupted everything last year for Wisconsin.

Tyler Hunt: And they’ve got some guys back that I think could not necessarily I don’t know if they’d pull off the upset. Again, it hurts not having 85,000 people in Camp Randall, but they’re a team now that makes you nervous for sure, because they they did it last year. They figured out a recipe, but that was last year. That Illinois game was probably Jack Coan’s worst game. Illinois has now got to get prepared, prepared for a different QB. Maybe that’ll help. But there were definitely things that they did last year that that exposed some flaws in Wisconsin and they ended up losing.

Jon Johnston: Nobody knows what to expect. And you guys get to go first. I mean, we get to go first against Ohio State, for God’s sake. You guys get to go first First. I mean, are you looking forward to bloody revenge?

Tyler Hunt: I think that’s the goal for sure. A lot of guys, you know, Nakia Watson is who will be one of the guys that worked into the running back position, kind of said they,Illinois deserves a butt woopin. So that that would be ideal. Last year, they were big favorites and ended up losing this year. I think that came out yesterday with like 23.5 point favorite. So it’s kind of the same recipe. But this time it’s at home, which I would, I hope, help. And if they could come out and start fast and lay a woopin’ on them, it would, it would it would feel good for a lot of Badger fans for sure.

Jon Johnston: The whole the whole Big Ten, we have this football season going and then they canceled it and then you had this stuff about.. Which was incorrect about Nebraska wanting to leave the Big Ten, which wasn’t the case at all. What was your reaction to Nebraska football at that point? Did you look at it, go screw those guys. They can get out of the big tent or did you just look at it and go, this is a mess?

Tyler Hunt: I thought it was a mess. I think a mess is a great way. That’s probably a kind way to say it. At the end of the Big Ten as a whole was a disaster for a while there. And I never really took much of the Nebraska wants to leave the conference. I didn’t buy that. I think the Big Ten is a great conference. And I think Nebraska I know Wisconsin fans give a lot of flack to Nebraska for. But I think they when they click the way you guys want them to, I know you’re hoping for, I think they’ll be a good member of the conference. It hasn’t happened yet, but I think it makes sense to have them in there.

Tyler Hunt: And I didn’t buy too much into that. But I like that, you know, the players or Nebraska were the kind of the guys that got it back off the ground. You got to give it your tip of your cap. If they didn’t do that and the guys at Ohio State, who knows where we’d be at right now. So you’ve got to you’ve got to give credit for that for sure.

Jon Johnston: So an outsider’s perspective if you looked at Nebraska this season yet.

Tyler Hunt: Haven’t too closely, I know, of course, you’ve got Martinez back, but it sounded like what I was reading the other day, is he not the starter? Is it a little bit more of an open competition than what I believed it was going to be.

Jon Johnston: I think it’s a more an open competition than any of us believe that would be. There’s indications lately that all of a sudden now Luke McCaffrey is making a charge. And honestly, what I think we’ll see is, I think we’ll see Adrian Martinez start against Ohio State, give him three series and see how he does, and then they’ll stick Luke McCaffrey in. I don’t think anybody’s going to beat Ohio State. I don’t think anyone is even going to come close. I think they’re going to be the team this year that is a team of destiny, I hate to saying that term, but I think they’re going to kill everybody. I’m saying that because we play it first and I’m already preparing myself.

Jon Johnston: Maybe they’re leaving that up in the air for Ohio State. Who knows?

Tyler Hunt: But, yeah, that’s a good point. I mean, you got to play that gamesmanship early on especially. I’ll be interested to see that game. I know. I think Adrian, I mean, he last year, he threw for it seemed like hundreds of yards every quarter against the Badgers. He definitely makes you nervous as a Badger fan. He’s got all the tools that he can put them all together. And I think that’s just been the the thing is, when he’s putting them together, see he’s on and when he’s not, he’s he’s not that way.

Tyler Hunt: Other than that, you know, Nebraska is you know, I mean, we have to go there it always is a concern for the Badger fans. I know they’ve Wisconsin’s got lucky and got out of there and with some wins, but usually you don’t go into that stadium and win that as often. So that’ll be the challenge. And I know, you know, from what I was reading, that there’s some other challenges with with you guys on on the defensive side of the ball. I think it sounded like defensive line was going to be, again, be the maybe the area of concern a little bit. Scott Frost, I think he’s a good coach. So I know a lot of Badger fans see him as another PJ Fleck, but I don’t want to say this because I get a lot of flack for it. But I think PJ Fleck is kind of a good coach, too.

Jon Johnston: He is. He’s just PJ Fleck. He’s just a flaky man.

Tyler Hunt: Yeah. Yeah. I met I met both Scott Frost and PJ Fleck at Big Ten Media days a couple of years ago, and I had a chance to talk to him. I was like, I don’t want to talk to PJ Fleck anymore because he’s a nice guy. And I have to pretend like I have to show that I actually like him as because of that. But then that, of course, as a Badger fan, you pretty much get fired from your job. I’ve been threatened with that a couple of times, so. I’m excited to see what what that’ll bring. I know it’s an early season contest between the two, but should be an interesting, interesting little eight, nine games slate for the Big Ten.

Jon Johnston: So right after I’m done with this podcast, I’m going to go and fill out a form that we’re all going to fill out in a Big Ten, predicting who is going to win the divisions and who’s going to win the championship like there’s any guess about that. Should I put Wisconsin down for the Big Ten West or should I pick Nebraska and irritate everybody? Because I’m really good at that.

Tyler Hunt: I think the bias in you could definitely pick Nebraska. I think the bias in me would definitely pick Wisconsin for me. I know there’s some question marks with the Badgers. I said it on our podcast until it’s I know Northwestern had that blip of a year a couple of years ago. But until I see something other than Wisconsin and Ohio State, it’s kind of, you know, they’re the odds on favorite.

Tyler Hunt: I saw the schedule that they had and the records for both of those teams, Wisconsin, Ohio State was like 55-7 over the past however many years. So until I see otherwise, I think it’s going to be those two. But if there’s a year that Wisconsin is going to get knocked off, given all the, you know, the losses on Jonathan Taylor, you don’t get your leading receiver. You just lost your leading or your starting quarterback. You know that there’s this is definitely the year for somebody to it’s just a matter of who I think Minnesota could win it. I think it’s pretty wide open in the West right now, but that’s kind of how it is every year. And somehow the Badgers find a way. But we’ll see.

Jon Johnston: You guys don’t have Ohio State on your regular season schedule, so you can look forward to them in the Big Ten championship, probably. Make you nervous?

Tyler Hunt: The Big Ten championship, that always makes me nervous because I have went down to the last three times and it’s just every time I step in to Lucas Oil Stadium, it’s like a house of horrors getting in there or like, oh, man, you know, the first year against Ohio State, it was a tight one that won the Penn State. One is the one that always brings back, you know, horror flashbacks of blowing that big lead. But last year, too, I mean, it was a great first half. But as soon as they fumbled that punt to go back to that, it it felt like this one was over. You had just the feeling in that building was we’re in trouble now. And so, yeah, I’ll say it always makes me nervous. I’d love to knock them off, as I’m sure you guys would, but I don’t know if it’s going to happen this year. They’re a team that is they look solid and a lot of different places, so.

Jon Johnston: So you will you be attending any games as a media person?

Tyler Hunt: I don’t know if what they’re doing for that. I know we’ve applied for credentials and I don’t think they are not allowing parents, even at Camp Randall, for the first few games. I don’t know if that’ll change. You know, in all across the country, you’re starting to see more and more fans. But right now, Madison is kind of a mess with the whole thing and a lot of cases. So I can’t imagine that they’ll be letting anyone in there any time soon. So but fingers crossed that we could get in there for once. It’s hard to see. No, I live here in the Madison area. And any time you drive by Camp Randall and see it quiet down in that area, it’s always tough to see so that on a Saturday got game day is going to be is going to be hard.

Jon Johnston: And it’s going to be weird, I would like to get to at least one game just to, I don’t know, experience the weirdness of 2020 because apparently in our real lives, we haven’t gotten enough weirdness. We need to go see what it’s like to see a completely dystopian memorial stadium.

Tyler Hunt: Exactly. Exactly.

Jon Johnston: All right. Is there anything else is there anything else about Wisconsin?

Tyler Hunt: I think for Wisconsin, the you know, the biggest challenge is going to be replacing those faces. But I also think they could... as a fan and a guy that’s paying attention to Wisconsin recruiting, I’m really excited to see what Graham Mertz can bring.

Tyler Hunt: I think that’s the biggest wildcard where if he comes out and and shows what he was, you know, in that in his recruitment and his all star game, I think they’ve got a chance to really have something special there. But I think this year, of course, you want to contend for a Big Ten title and make a playoff. But getting some experience in Graham Mertz’s belt will be a nice one because everything’s back to normal next year. Be it’d be nice to have, you know, him have nine, ten games under his belt already. So other than that, there’s there’s definitely a lot of question marks, but I think they’ve got the guys there, they’ve got the answers and hopefully they can just put it all together.

Jon Johnston: Well, I’m hoping Nebraska can actually show some improvement at least this year.There’s no requirements for a bowl game, so I just get up and go to a bowl game.

Tyler Hunt: You guys got that brand recognition. You’re in. You’re in.

Jon Johnston: Right, exactly. All right. I think we’re going to end there. I wish you luck with your season, but not that much you guys as well. You guys as well. Did I ask you for a prediction for the season?

Tyler Hunt: I don’t believe we talked about like a record. I think they’ll I think they’ll win the West. I think they’ll get there with. You know, originally, that Michigan game, the road trip to there, worried me, but I don’t know if I’m as worried about that one now with no fans and I know Michigan’s got some concerns with the quarterback position. So that one, I think, is probably a toss up, the one at this game, Michigan. Then they’ve got to go to Northwestern and then they’ve got Minnesota that has trap game written all over it. So I think they’ll drop one. The Iowa at Iowa late in the season is always a hard one to sell. Somewhere in there they’re going to stumble maybe once, maybe twice. But I think they can do enough to get there and then they’ll probably get run through the buzz saw that is Ohio State is my guess. But I’d say that for anybody in the West, I think they’re getting that Ohio State bounce pretty much guaranteed.

Jon Johnston: So I think it’ll be interesting to watch a game in Iowa City on December 12th.

Tyler Hunt: That can be a little chilly there.

Jon Johnston: You never know what you’re going to get.

Tyler Hunt: You don’t. You don’t. Yeah, that’ll be an interesting one. I’ve actually never been to Kinnick. I need to get down there and see a game. I used to live in Iowa and they always said Badger fans need to come down and enjoy it, but I’ve never done it. So I have to get down there and maybe I’ll make the trip to Lincoln sometime to. I’ve heard that’s a good stadium as well.

Jon Johnston: Well, Lincoln is beautiful. Lincoln and Memorial Stadium cannot be surpassed. I’ve been to Madison twice. I’ve enjoyed both trips, not the football, but, you know, the games.

Jon Johnston: They’ve both been very memorable. I have heard from a lot of Nebraska fans that they would never go back to Madison, because of all the Madison fans or Badger fans going eff Nebraska. I kind of look at them and go, sometimes eff Nebraska is just a greeting, man. That’s all it is. It’s not like they want to fight you. They just want you to respond eff Wisconsin. Yeah, exactly. But I’ve been to Kinnick at a Iowa - Iowa State game. I’ll tell you this. There’s nothing special about Iowa. There’s nothing special about Kinnick. There’s nothing special from those bastards whatsoever. That’s why the whole conference hates them. They’re just they’re the dust on your feet. Yeah. At least we can all agree on that, right?

Tyler Hunt: Yeah, we can agree on that. And anything bad you want to say about Minnesota to feel free? That’s music to my ears on that one as well. So fire away. Fire away.

Jon Johnston: I have a son upstairs who attends the University of Minnesota.

Tyler Hunt: You can’t you can’t speak too badly then.

Jon Johnston: Yes, I can. Yes. Yes, I can.

Tyler Hunt: There you go. Fire away then.

Jon Johnston: But the hell with Minnesota. They won it last year. They won well last year. And screw them. Their time’s over.

Tyler Hunt: Yeah, I’d love for them to go back to, you know, if Wisconsin could start another 14 game streak against them or continue it, I should said that would be everyone’s going to sign up for that.

Jon Johnston: So here’s the one thing I’ve noticed about Minnesota fans. They have one good season and you’d think they were walking six feet off the ground, you know, six inches off the ground. They did. They’re the gods of the universe. You know, I don’t know what the hell the deal is.

Tyler Hunt: Yeah. I mean, two years ago when they came into Camp Randall on one knee, I tip my cap. They made Wisconsin look like they’ve never played football before. So I got it. But then to hear all the chirping after, I was like, I think, let me check my record book. Oh, yeah. Once in the last 15 years. So, I mean, a blind squirrel. What’s that saying? So, I mean, who knows with with with them. They’re an interesting crowd for sure.

Jon Johnston: Anybody else we should collectively abuse? We could abuse Northwestern, but nobody cares.

Tyler Hunt: Yeah. I mean, Northwestern, I can’t really be mean to them. But at Northwestern I have to actually respect because every time Wisconsin goes there, that 11:00 a.m. Evanston sleepy game, Wisconsin always starts out like there. They’re still asleep on the bus. So I can’t to talk too much crap about them because the Badgers have lately have not done well there. And now they’ve got to go there this year, which will which will not be fun because it’s going to be the same crowd. I mean, nobody goes to the Northwestern Games, so no fans. It’s it’s the same situation that you’re walking into in between the Michigan and Minnesota games. So that one has me nervous for sure.

Jon Johnston: All right, I think we’ve covered the gamut. And I think we’ll end there.

Tyler Hunt: All right.

Jon Johnston: I’m not the best at ending, so I got to work on that.

Tyler Hunt: No worries. There was a lot of fun.

Jon Johnston: All right. This has been Jon’s Postlife crisis. Thank you for listening. Go Big Red. And thank you to Tyler for joining us. And I hope we got pull out a win against you guys, finally.

Tyler Hunt: We will see. Thanks for having me.

Jon Johnston: Take care.