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College Football Week Minus-1 Predictions: Starting to Smell The Real Football

College football doesn’t really count until the Huskers are playing.

Summer Fun

Mike: Well, football season seems to be getting closer and closer to reality. Heck, Tennessee and Buffalo are hoping to give us some Tuesday night MAC-tion, if only the Titans could finally wear a dadgummed mask.

Nate M: Only two more weeks...only two more weeks

Andy: It’s gonna be a shit show. Let’s watch the hilarity of trying to get college age boys to stay out of bars and coeds and enjoy it while we can.

Jill: I am surprised at the amount of football we have been allowed to have. I thought in 2020 we couldn’t have nice things. /Remembers Big 12 football. Oh yeah.

Oklahoma (-2.5) vs. Texas at the Cotton Bowl (with socially distanced corn dogs)

Nate M: I keep wanting to think that the Oklahoma defense is better than what we have seen. There’s simply too much talent (quite an assumption I guess) on that team. Plus they have Bookie who was going to be Riley’s best recruit of all-time. Remember when Mike Riley was our coach? I seem to continue to black it out, time and time again.

Mike: Riley sure got the big names to come visit. Most signed elsewhere, and the ones he did sign ended up transferring out. But there’s no friggin way the Sooners start the season 0-3 in conference play. Boomer 38, Bovines 28

Akelo: Neither teams have good defenses. Spencer Rattler is really unclutch. Sam Ehlinger is overrated. I'm gonna go 55-52 Texas. *does Hook Em Horns hand sign in a downwards motion*

Brianna C: Why is this a question? When do we pick Texas for anything. Oklahoma 35-21

Jon: It is amazing how good your offense can be when you have a Heisman-level quarterback running it. Oklahoma can’t play defense. They can play offense, but not as well as in past years. Texas has Sam Ehlinger. That guy can play. I’m gonna pick Texas. Longhorns 35, Sooners 28

Andy: Really enjoyed ESPN sucking up to Texas with a long Ehlinger interview after losing to TCU and Max Duggan. Interview the winning QB? Meh.
Oklahoma’s has had Covid issues since practice began - Riley said if the season had begun Sept 1, he couldn’t have fielded a team - and he added just a few days ago that the Sooners are nowhere close to having a solid two-deep. I hate myself for it but Texas 40 Oklahoma 28

Jill: I think Bri summed up my feelings exactly about Texas. I don’t trust Oklahoma either. I also won’t be allowed to watch this game because hubby usually indulges my football watching except when he has to listen to the Boomer Sooner song every 15 seconds. I’m just rooting for more Big 12 ineptitude. I have to pick? Fine. Okie blocks a game-winning chip shot field goal, returns it but drops it in premature celebration at the two yard line. Time is expired. Game is tied and 17 overtimes does nothing to change that.

Florida (-6.5) at Texas A&M

Nate M: Florida wins by double digits because Texas A&M’s coach simply isn’t that great of a coach. (Googling former Florida State Coach that won a national championship because of Jameis Winston) Sounds like Florida has the best tight end in the country. Nobody can cover him and Florida State...I mean Texas A&M won’t either.

Mike: Toughest part of this game for the Gators was just getting through Hurricane Delta.

Gators 45, Gig’ Em 24

Akelo: The Gators offense is clicking on all cylinders right now. Kellen Mond is a bum. Jimbo Fisher looks like a deer in headlights. 48-31 UF.

Brianna C: Florida wins this on easy. 45-28

Jon: Texas A&M has a problem. Right now, Tom Herman is flailing away at Texas, so if Jimbo could get his shit straight, he’d be picking up those prize Texas recruits. It’s a sad situation for both the Aggies AND the Longhorns. I weep for them. Florida is really good. Texas A&M is not that good. Florida 52, Texas A&M 30

Andy: Jesus God, this isn’t happening. Picking Texas then Florida. Sometimes college football just walks by and gives you a crotch flick. Gators 34 The aTm 20

Jill: Hurricanes! Viruses! Florida wins by 17.

Miami-FL (+14) at Clemson

Nate M: Clemson wins by 28. It ain’t going to be close.

Mike: I can’t disagree with Nate. The U ain’t back. Clempson 48, The “u” 27

Akelo: I watch a lot of Canes games seeing as I live here in Miami, most my family are Canes fans and I have a cousin & know a few guys that currently play for the Canes. Their defense is extremely suspect, particularly their linebackers & cornerbacks. They have a great grad transfer QB in D'Eriq King and a great OC in Rhett Lashlee. With that being said, Dabo Swinney, Travis Etienne & Trevor "Sunshine" Lawrence are going to be looking to make a statement. 62-28 Clemson.

Brianna C: Well I’m going to go ahead and agree with everyone else. Clemson wins 56-30.

Jon J: We can’t have things unanimous. That wouldn’t be right. Besides, this is a screwy year. The ‘Canes are back! This week. Their offense can finally score points. Now, I admit maybe I was dazzled by their complete dominance of FSU, a really really bad team, but this year has “mess” programmed into it. Miami 31, Clemson 30

Andy: Even if the talent levels were flipped on these rosters, I’d still pick Climpson because there’s no way here or any alternate universe I’m picking Texas, Florida and the dog-ass Miami Hurricanes on the same friggin’ day. No way. No how. But the talent is what it is and the Hurricanes are going to get run. And if I was a zoo monkey loose in that stadium I’d be flinging all the poop I could muster at the Hurricane sideline. Climpson 41 Miami 17

Jill: Clemson is going to win this one, but can Miami make it interesting? Nah, I’m with everyone else (except Jon). Tigers by 20.