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Nebrasketball: Fan Pulse Week 10

Losses to North Dakota and Rutgers Hurt

Nebraska v Indiana Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

While this is the 7th ballot measuring fan confidence, the poll took a few weeks off over the holidays so I am keeping the title in line with the week of action. And if you couldn’t guess, losses to North Dakota and Rutgers took a toll on fan confidence in our Nebraska Cornhuskers.

Overall, fan confidence plummeted from 81.8% to 66.7%. Any guesses in the comments how much the Iowa win will see it raise by?

In the poll this week, you were also asked who the #1 team in the country is. The results from across SBNation were:

Gonzaga - 37.5%
Duke - 21.3%
Somebody Else - 19.2%
Kansas - 9.1%
Auburn - 5.7%
SDSU - 4.6%
Baylor - 2.7%